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XvSF- Wolverine vs Ryu

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There is not really much for me to say anymore...

This is a short sprite fight to test how I animate these types of sprites (Street Fighter/Xmen). I guess I have the basics down but need work on the more advanced techniques, such as that blue fading thing people do with their characters (that afterimage thing). I didn't attempt it anyway though.

Sorry if you were looking for a long, enjoyable sprite fight (not too many of you anyway). I started to get bored, and wasn't really showing any creativity. It was suppose to be short anyway but I still could of made it a little bit longer.

Don't bother telling me how I could improve, because if you've read my news post then you know I will cease spriting after my next/last submission. Telling me what I did wrong would be cool though, but I already have a feeling as to how I could have improved anyway.

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pretty solid for a first attempt. i know you said dont bother with constructive criticism, but what's the point of a review if i dont say what i liked and did not like?

it was a cool fight, held my attention. it flowed very nicely and smoothly. the only thing i can say about it is more interaction with the surroundings. also, try speeding it up here and there, especially when one of them does like a super combo or mega attack, when they have to charge for a second to do it. it makes the combo/mega attack look more super/mega.

Tactical0125 responds:

Thanks for the review. When I said don't bother I meant telling me what to do to make it better (like that speeding it up thing you said). I'm not doing sprite animations anymore after Goku Turns Evil Episode 4 which is why I said it.

Classic, thanks for this!

I love the Marvel vs. Capcom games! I have great statigies for them too!

This flash was very nice!

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Tactical0125 responds:

Glad you enjoyed it

good job

The year is 1997 I am in wizards castle arcade with 2 quarters left and I have akuma down to 35% health....

What a great flashback man ty. I think you should do spiderman vs. cable next :D

Tactical0125 responds:

Won't be doing sprite animations anymore after my next submission, sorry =(


im not a fan of sprites. at all. but this wasnt bad.

i wouldve loled muchly if ryu did that small flash thing(underground) then one kick and thats it >.< ah well. thank goodness you will be stopping sprites soon. the less the better i say :)

Tactical0125 responds:

Yea, thank goodness. At least that's more of my life I will have doing reasonable things instead of trying to entertain people who don't want to be entertained.

This isn't that bad

I've seen much worse, but it felt like an endless battle for a little while. It is well animated though.

Tactical0125 responds:

That's why it's short. I don't really like to do those long sprite fights because personally, I don't know how to do it justice...

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4.08 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2009
1:32 PM EDT