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Boulder Dash Arcade

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About: Part of the multi-million unit selling, award-winning series of hit games, this is the FIRST EVER free-to-play and official online Boulder Dash® game since Boulder Dash® was first released 25 years ago! Ported by DotEmu and co-published by EasyRetro and First Star Software, Inc.

In each of the 24 levels, as you play in all 6 worlds, you must clear a path and collect the number of diamonds required in order to open the exit. Do this before time runs out while avoiding falling boulders, enemies and being careful not to become trapped. Along the way, you'll encounter boulders, brick walls, magic walls, the growing amoeba, numerous enemies and much more. More information is available in game by clicking on the (?) button.

Mouse or Keyboard :
[Arrows] : move
[Space ] : Push/dig/grab without moving
[E] : Escape mode

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could use a lot of work

I understand that this is supposed to be retro, but the graphics need to be updated. Keep the retro game play but don't have everything looking like it took 10 seconds to throw together.
There is no purpose for lives so just remove them, you lose them all and then you just continue on at the same level(and lose points, but there's also no point in them). When the gems fall on you, you should collect them, not have to run up into them. The transition between the levels is too long, speed it up. When you die on a level, the required gems is not reset, so all gems collected on your first try are added onto your next tries, but those gems have also respawned.

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4.24 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2009
11:28 AM EDT