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This are just a few clips I made of some basic character lip syncing. Of course I chose the best character voice for the job, Barney Calhoun.

Tell me where I can improve, I understand that they may look a little primitive.


Its okay

The lip syncing is okay. Half- Life 2 FTW!

il mark the lyp syncing on its own

I understand you were just making this to test out lypsyncing and in that area you get a solid six.

The only thing that holds you back is the fact that it is primitive mouth movement... Real lyp syncing requires some more work with lip tensing, showing teeth, use of tongue and more dramatic mouth shapes...

But, the shape tween you have used gets the job done so you dont need to worry about too much right now.

And obviously when you make a proper animation be sure to tune up the art and animation a tad more than this :D

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Looks ok to me

Only thing I really had issue with was that the nose moves around durring the flash. It looks like you used one position for the talking face and another for the walking - if you get it to be a constant thing throughout it will look a lot more smooth
good luck

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Sep 5, 2009
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