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Sweet Treat

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After spending about 4 weeks on "Guardian of the Bridge" I tried to make one more short (and I really mean short) film/flash before I return to school. Sweet Treat is something I made in about five days and is barely over a minute long.

You ever wonder if a pinata gets a craving for something sweet without even knowing what it's purpose is?

Heh, as always I enjoys reviews and constructive criticisms.

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I loved this film. It was adorable in so many ways. The audio though could have been a bit better. I just love the fact that he tries to get 'Billy's' birthday cake. Yet, At first I thought he was a rabbit when I saw him in the background. Then, after the sceen zoomed in on the cute pinata, I thought he was Billy pretending to be the pinata to get the cake. But, finally, when he fell, I knew he was a pinata. If you find this helpful, please click the 'Green plusmark', If you find this useless, please don't mark at all, same if you find it obusive. If you didn't like this film, then just don't reveiw, becaue the creator worked for a good five days he could've used for doing something else, and I don't want his average score to be pathetic just because you may not have liked it. So, please be nice to this creator!

Kalaloo-NB responds:

Oh wow thanks. I'm glad you liked it so much.

I have problems working with sound quality; guess animation is more of my strong point than other technical matters. If anyone ever has any tips I'd love it if you can message me.

Thanks again!


The animation was good, but the plot seemed has been done many times before where the character is struggling to get something and then someone else gets it (ex: the movie ice age's squirrel). Also the audio wasn't that good. Just try to come up with a more original idea and the animation would make it great. Best to you.

Kalaloo-NB responds:

Funny you would use something as recent as ice age when that concept has been around for so long. I guess this flash wasn't really about plot. I wouldn't focus on plot for something so short to be honest. I focus more on the charming character than anything else.

I seem to have a problem with sound qualities. Guess that is something I'm always working on but falling short upon. If you have any tips or know anyone would have good advice regarding improvement upon SFX please message me sometime. Thank you for the review!

not bad

intersting flash, made me chuckle which i think was the whole purpose of this flash. a little short to earn more than a six but was worth watching, maybe next time put a little more time and effort in to it and you could proally come up with a pretty good flash

Kalaloo-NB responds:

Thanks for the review!

This is realy cute

its animated well, the arts good, and the story line is nice, yeah it is short but you took your time well, so it didnt feel short

Kalaloo-NB responds:


Thank you for the review. I am happy you liked it.

Not bad

For a quickie it really wasn't all that bad. Nothing special but enjoyable none the less.

Kalaloo-NB responds:

Huzzah for quickies!

...wait... I'm not sure if that sounded right.

Pfft XP

Thanks though.

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3.73 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2009
2:30 PM EDT