Aura Braver

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Use the arrow keys to move,
use A or Z, to shoot straight or tilted.

The enemy has a new weapon - standalone particle fields called "auras", which can bend bullets in midflight. They were difficult enough to defeat before; now, if we hope to stand a chance, you're going to have to become an..



a glitch

This was mostly playable, but for one thing. There's a glitch on slower computers that makes you temporarily lose control of one direction. Sometimes the plane would go up, down, left, or right uncontrollably. Please fix this.


Upgrade it more..and it;ll became better..Even Just the graphics would be a big thing!

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U stole the titlesong from Fruity Loops!!!
Nasty. Game rocks anyways.

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A great new concept

I really enjoyed the way the game played, and the idea behind it was something I haven't seen before. Overall, it is a good game that just needs a little work.

Try giving the player health, or at least make it so you don't start at the beginning of a mission when you die. Adding a way to change weapons, even for a short time, would make it a lot better.

Very Interesting...

But it needs upgrades, maybe between levels if the levels were a little shorter, so it would give more reason to kill the enemies- at the moment, most of the time I can just leave them to fly past me.

Also, it needs to be just a little easier- health bar that could be upgraded to have more health? At the moment it's just a little annoying when a single unavoidable shot comes along...

So- add upgrades, a health bar and it'll be a brilliant, awesome game that I could get hooked to :) (Oh, and more levels if there aren't many after level 3)

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3.84 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2009
5:16 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight