Spanish Love Song

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YEAAAHH! It's finally finished!! 4 day flash project!! It's in sync this time!!!

TO THE STUPIDS: He's not "just saying jibberish" he's singing in Spanish. If you don't understand the comedy in this, then you shouldn't be watching it!



nice one hahaha even though i know the song dosnt make sence at all still really funny


Excelent flash!, nice drawings, the coreography and the lip sync were perfect, and the song is unbeliavably funny.

Mucho Bueno Trabajo!, lol.

Wait, it's in sync :D

I dunno, but this was hilarious! I love how you weren't really saying anything, and by that I mean there wasn't really a structure or direction with the song other than the fact that you were displaying what you have/had learned after one semester of Spanish. I think that what might have added the element of "you're speaking gibberish" (that's how you spell "gibberish") from the fact that at the end you say, "Au Revoir!" which is "Goodby!" in French. Also, I don't think that's very kind of you to call those that have said "You're not saying anything!" stupid, and to use there reviews as a reason for that. But, you're video makes up for me not liking your responses to people. AND, he didn't say his dog is white, he said "GATO" meaning "Cat".

Good yob!!

Muy bueno!

This is one of my favorite movies ever!

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Hahahaha!!!! I love this song!

This is funny!!! It make so much sense when you understand the first semester Spanish is just what is said. The character is Mike Hawke, but the music turns out to be by Michael Polks. I almost thought this was yours.

What I like most about this song is that it not only funny, but I like the way it really acts like a love song and when you listen to it, it soothes your ears. Nice choice of song. Also the art style actually goes good with the simplicity of the whole song and I like the setting at the market, it seems to be funnier than the original, but if someone did a live video of this video specifically, I'd have to watch it. Eleven is once! Oh yeah, jail, that what happens when you go to be creepy in public.

I would like to make some other people understand this song in English.

Hello Miss, Whats your name.
My name is Mike, my name is Mike.
Where is the (I think he said pelo = hair)
Happy birthday!
What time is it? What time is it?
La na na na na

I like the Library, I live in the red house
I have two bicycle
Thank you and your welcome
How old are you?
One moment please
The one semester Spanish Spanish love song

My mom is beautiful
My dog is really white
Pardon Me, Pardon me (Not sure about this line)
La na na na na

One, Two, Three, and Four
Five, Six, Seven, Eight
Nine, ten, no remember how to say eleven
Antonio Banderas
Big nacho, you spin 'em and twist
The one semester Spanish Spanish love song
(whisper sounds like Oprah)

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idontplanonbeinggood responds:

The last bit was "Au revoir". It means Good-bye or Till next time in french :)

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