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Help Murray get his sheep back from the evil Jim!
You must collect the power orb to fire at him.
Its not yet completed so you cant actually win, but I dont want to waste my time making something that nobody likes..
Lets see how it does



I love this


i don't know why you don't but can't we have a "try again"?

Thanks for the generic, boring experience

Honestly, this game gives me the impression that you have simply copied some actionscript from a tutorial site and applied it to your 'Fun Game'.

The Good:
Music - I must admit, the music completely fits the mood of your game. And that would be silly and nonsensical.

My criticisms:
Story - Unfortunately, collecting a power orb to fire at sheep stealing foes is not a good story. A simple story like this would have been good if all the elements listed below were of a good standard.
Controls - Even though it is extremely obvious what the controls are (arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire, for those who don't know) an instructions page still would have been handy.
Visuals - The gradient effect on ALL the platforms does get very boring. Try having a colourful background instead so you can keep the platforms simple.
Gameplay - It's a platformer. Not that I dislike platformers, I just long for new and inventive platformers. Running, jumping and collecting got old a while back if you hadn't noticed.

If you could add an instructions page, a replay button, a background and if you could remove the horrible gradient on the platforms when you come around to completing this game, I may consider having a look. Good luck and please don't just give up on this.

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This was cool

Hey can we talk about how you did the game. Perhaps we can collab on the game Im making.

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chedley responds:

Mmmm... Perhaps..

Flight of the conchords!

I'd like to vote this one higher for the theme alone but;
Graphically, it's very simple, and with the sheer heaving mass of platformers out there, to survive it either needs to look damn good, or have something new in the gameplay, neither of which is present here.

One thing you could do to instantly make the game more visually appealing; change the black background to...anything. Absolutely anything. A picture of Germaine and Bret for example. It's far too constricting visually as it currently is.

Gameplay; a finished game would be ideal - the pickups that aren't sheep; is there a point to them? If so, we need to know about it. Enemys - no way to kill them? Frustrating.

Replay button - needed.

Hope you can take the constructive parts of this, and make a few tweaks that would turn this into an enjoyable game.

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1.96 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2009
6:18 AM EDT
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