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Rock and Soul

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Nothing to fancy, it looks primitive and i know ill probably get ripped into for posting it here, but i don't care, i had fun making it. Its basically a short promo for a musical that's going around a number of high schools in Australia and the UK called Alison. I was commissioned to do a number of these so expect a few more over the coming weeks.

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Not Bad for a Promo

I'm going to be honest here, I enjoyed it for what it was. While the animation may not be the best, it gets the point across (and that's the way it should be on NG). You did an excellent job in the timing/pacing department, which helps this by a lot. Even though it could have been longer, the length was sufficient enough.

What I did like:
-Nice song
-Good animation
-Good pace

What I didn't like:
-The fact that this is a promo.

Overall: Here's an eight, Gerkinman. Don't get too pissed off if this gets overlooked; there's a fair share of crap that gets overlooked.

Primitive? No, Great? Sure is!

Firstly, how does this look primitive? How could you possibly get ripped for this slick piece of work? Very well, on with the review.

The Good:
- Art style - I love your how your art is so smooth, especially with all of the smooth edges. The use of soft colors mixed with the lineless art really enhances the fun feel of the song.
- Music - I understand that you were comissioned to do these, so really, you are giving an animation to music (as opposed to giving music to an animation); which, as I have explained above was done nicely.
- Animation - The animation was very smooth which heavily complimented your art style. I must also applaud you for the excellent voice syncing.

My Criticisms:
- Relatively short - Once again, I understand these promos are meant to be short, but I would have enjoyed watching a full length music video with your art style. It is good to know, however, that you will be rolling out some more, which I hope compensates for this one's short length.
- The promotional aspect - Sorry to have another stab at this topic but the end really spoiled the whole atmosphere built up by the bulk of the animation. Also, I did not like the sudden change of art style nor do I like that white glow around everything, but that's just me.

I would love to see more full length music clips from you, and if you have fun making them, great! It's great fun watching them.

great work!

but the black haired guitarist scared me the first time i saw him, he stares into your soul!


Well, its pretty smooth in my opinion, quite nice.

good but short

It's nice but a little short don't you think?