Raider: Episode 2

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The second instalment in the series; it carries on from the first.

As before, it is designed to be a difficult, challenging, retro-style platformer reminiscent of the NES or SNES days, back when games were hard and finishing them was a reward in itself that not everyone could even do.

Please try to enjoy it for what it is instead of dismissing it for what it's not.

You may encounter a strange bug where the keys act 'sticky' and you move even when they're not pressed... THIS ONLY HAPPENS WITH INTERNET EXPLORER. Use another, better browser and the problem won't occur.


Pseudolonewolf has done it again!

By far the best Flash platformers I have played to date (and better than some console games), Pseudolonewolf has made Raider: Episode 2 even better then the series' first enstallment. The vivid SNES style graphics are visually stunning, and the music lives up to the high expectations I've come to expect of Pseudolonewolf's compositions. And, unlike most Flash platformers, Raider: Episode 2 has an actual story, that isn't the cliched save the world type. Even better, he scattered bits of humo(u)r throughout the game.
Even better though, is the gameplay. The challenging difficulty that the series is know for is definately there, and just as frustrating (and fun) as ever. Pseduolonewolf's also fine-tuned the game's control scheme and, anyone who gives them a chance will see they're really quite excellent.
The game is as close to perfect as a Flash Game has ever been, and I can't wait for the final three installments. Excellent job, Pseudolonewolf.

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Love it

All around this game is good, from the graphics to the music (and the many many deaths i always have).

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Good game but, "CONGLATURATION!" lol.

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lol the average score isnt pretty enough
so here you go with the perfect score you absolutely without a doubt deserve...
sweet pixel graphics, even better music, ridiculously hard yet eventually beatable gameplay.. did i mention the music is goddamn beautiful? i effing love this game!

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Keep it up!

Awesome game. I love the difficulty and general gameplay. I'm looking forward to later levels. I'm surprised these games aren't in the 4.20 region at least. I can't think of any improvements. Very good graphics and does just what it says on the tin. It's just my type of game and I'm going to add it to my favourites :)

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4.29 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2009
5:32 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other
  • Daily 5th Place September 4, 2009