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Tornado Race

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Control your tornado and race against the others, be a tornado racer ! Destroy house to get weapon and press space to activate it.

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Cool racing game

So this was a cool racing game. Seems like you could have put more energy into this game with much more options and effects to make it even better seemed a little bland on options, but for what it is its a decent game a racing game that is, but anyways nice work here.

Some more effects and more options on this game would be nice.


Well that was different from the regular racing games. Nice idea, and really smooth dimensional graphics too. At the start I thought they wouldn't be, but they change with movement. I like the wind effects too, and the simple top-down view works well (even though a dimensional one would've been better). Nice work!



Meh, it's not bad. But not really anything special or innovative. Certainly not as good as your other recent games like Space Voyage and Skyship Pepelac. In fact, this game makes those two feel like a real breath of fresh air.

It seems like you make lots of games very quickly. I've gotta tell you, doing that will result in having a few good games, a few bad games, and a few "meh" games like this one. I recommend you put more time into fewer games. As Nintendo says: quality above quantity.

Pretty enjoyable!

Of all the dozens (heck, no hundreds) of games I've played, I'm always trying to look for things that have originality to them, and I think that this fit the bill very nicely! The tornaodes themselves were created in a pretty nice graphic style and while it may not have been the most addicting of games, it sure was fun blowing down those houses over and over and getting ahead of everyone else! (even if I lost it in the second half of my first race)