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Mac, PC, and a Hedgehog

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Author Comments

Hey Guys!

A few things to know:

1. I cannot voice sonic the hedgehog for the life of me, so let's just say in this flash, sonic was on crack AND helium.

2. The idea of "MobianWare" came partially from the name of sonic's home planet, mobius, and partly from the gaming computer company "alienware".

3. If you review this film and think it desynchs, PLEASE tell me. I will update the flash and attempt to get it synched a little better.


This a parody that shows what might happen if sonic would enter the computer business.

It took me about 2 straight days of work to do.

hope you guys enjoy it.

Production might slow down a bit after this film, as I'm going back to school soon.

Well, enjoy it anyway!


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I want one!

I wish I had 5 dollars though D:

~ Review Request Club ~

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Really the biggest downfall to the submission. The animation was very simple and during most of the submission it was very poor quality. Actually the quality was much better then most of the things that I could animate, but still that's not always a good thing. :P

I do think that the eyes of Mac were animated pretty good as they were kind of humorous. The mouths weren't animated the best, but they were pretty well synced with the voice acting for the most part. Drawings themselves really could have been worked on and I think that if that was worked on then the submission would have turned out much better.

~ Story/Content ~

I'd have to say that this story was probably one of the best parody ideas or at least quite humorous. Very original idea if I may so so myself and you did a great job with the story. There were times that I laughed a bit, but the overall feeling of the submission was that it was quite funny.

~ Audio ~

All of the voice sound quality was pretty good. I think the best voice was for Mac, but I didn't like PC's and Sonic's voice as much. Whatever you used to make the voices different didn't sound the best and I think the use of normal voices would have been just as good if not better.

~ Overall ~

Almost all of the points came from the story/content section. The voices could have been a tad bit better, but I think the animation was the biggest downfall. Keep working hard though!

~ Review Request Club ~

RecD responds:

yep, I will! I DID do a new animation. If you wanna check it out, go to my page. It's called "the trix fix". Tell me what ya think!

Nice parody

Well, in my country the "I'm a PC, I'm a Mac"-commercial isn't shown anywhere, so I only know a few of those that I watched on youtube.

Anyway, I think this is a prett good parody. It is an interesting concept to include Sonic with his own product in here.

The voice acting is pretty nice and even though you used some filters for the voices (or at least it sounds as if you did) everything is easy to understand which is always a big plus. ^^

The graphcis could use a bit more work, though. The characters look all pretty sloppy and when Mac got shot he only had a strange looking red ball on his head. There are a few good tutorials in the flash portal that teach you how to draw realistic blood, so my advice is that you check them out. ^^

{ Review Request Club }

RecD responds:

thanks, haggard. I did make a new flash with slightly better graphics, so check my user page if you want to check it out (sorry no html in responses) It's called "The Trix Fix"


A really funny movie, and an original idea, but a lot of aspects here ruin it a little.

The graphics weren't that good, and the pixels were way too large. Although the lip-syncing was quite good, the mouths were too big, and the arms didn't look like they were attached to the body. Also, Sonic looked really strange too, and so did the gunshot wound. You should make the graphics a little neater, and maybe add a background or two to this flash to remove the ugly white background. The animation wasn't smooth either.

The concept and story are what really put this score up. I never heard of a Mac and PC being actual persons in a commercial, or Sonic with them either, so you get points for originality. This was funny too, especially when PC shot the bullet, it reflected back to Mac and he died, lol :D.

The voice acting here was excellent, good quality and understandable. It's just Sonic who sounded strange but I guess you can blame the crack and helium for that :P. The music in the background didn't really fit that well with the movie; you should find a song made using XP sounds only to play in the background; I'm sure you'll find some good ones here on NG. The sound effects were OK, but nothing too special.

In all, it's an original and fun-to-watch movie, so much that I wanted to watch it more than once, but the music in the background, the animation and the graphics put down the score quite a bit :(.

-Review Request Club-

RecD responds:

well, gladyou liked it anyways. I'm working on a NEW animation right now using the trix rabbit, which I guarantee will be VERY good!

Bankrupting Microsoft? Way to go.

Well, I know both a person called 'Mac' and one called 'PC' Both nicknames of theirs, but they still count :P

Right, this isn't a bad cartoon for the humour value - I'm not so sure about the animation as it looks crudely drawn, at best. Perhaps zooming in on the image you're drawing will give you greater control and then you can make a better looking picture to finish the cartoon off.

The other thing I will advise about is lip-syncing - the mouths change size too much - forget the shape that they make for a second or two, as when the size of the mouth changes so radically that it gets bigger than the face it's on, you've made a mistake.

Keeping the proportions right will help, but not only on that aspect - the bullet hole will be smaller than what you used and it would look a less basic colourscheme than you chose. Perhaps when sonic activates his MobianWare, it would have removed the wound itself?

[Review Request Club]

RecD responds:

yeah, you're right. I promise the next one will be better!

Credits & Info

4.19 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2009
10:59 AM EDT