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Otakuhell At Animefest 09

rated 2.27 / 5 stars
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Sep 3, 2009 | 10:57 AM EDT

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Author Comments

This is a video flier to promote a live show at AnimeFEST on Sunday night, September 6th. With any luck we'll be doing a 3 hour OtakuHELL in Panel Room 2 at 10pm. For more info go to

I animated this in Toon Boom Studio 3 on my Averatec convertable laptop. 10 frames per second. All animation and editing was done first because I didn't know what I was going to use for the soundtrack. Then I spent hours searching Free Music Archive for something that would work with the animation. I trimmed the Dokaka track to 32.50 seconds to match the animation in Audacity, then imported that wav file into Toon Boom. Then I used Toon Boom Importer to get all the drawings and edited sequence into Flash 8.

I'm a long time lurker/first time submitter, so if I did this wrong help me out.

Thanks for looking.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

~ Review Request Club ~

~ Animation/Graphics ~

The drawings were done quite well and the frame by frame animation gave it a pretty cool effect. There could have been some room for better animation/animation in the first place, but it was actually pretty cool the way you just did the frame by frame stuff.

~ Story/Content ~

A nice little advertisement. I think you could have made it a bit longer. Maybe because it was too short, but maybe because I thought the song was awesome. :P We'll get to that later though.

Seriously though with what you had I wouldn't be too interested in whatever you were advertising. You really didn't sell it enough. Actually I had no clue what it was about and all I can remember was a link that I'm not that interested in visiting.

~ Audio ~

Ha, this made the submission. This audio could have probably went well with many submissions, but it went especially well with this submission. Good choice. :)

~ Overall ~

Needs to be a tad bit longer, more explanation, and maybe a little bit animation other than the frame by frame that you had.

~ Review Request Club ~


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Smells like teen spirit

A pretty good advertisement. Short and with a good soundtrack, so it is easy to remember. Maybe people who watch this won't remember so much what exactly you where advertising, but the most important thing for an advert is that people remember it at all. If they remember the ad, they sooner or later remember the product as well.

I also like that you wrote down what you did in the authors comments. Especially short flashes with little or no animations at all seem to have little effort put into them, so it's nice to read what you did so everyone can see how much effort you put into this flash.

{ Review Request Club }


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Duuun dun digga digga dun duuun!

~~~Good Points~~~
~ The music was brilliant!
~ The writing moved about pretty well and was a nice touch

~~~Bad Points~~~
~ There wasn't as much "animating" as I expected from a music video
~ It was quite short

~ Improve the animations, add backgrounds etc etc
~ Make it longer!

~~~Other Comments~~~
~ I found this flash, along with the music, to be very funny!

~ Overall, I'm not expecting you to go away and work on this, as its only a "flier to promote a live show." However, with that being said, I apologise for the small review...As there just wasn't much to work with.
~ I did like this flash though, even with the lack of animation. Or maybe its the music I like?


~[Review Request Club]~


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Lol, hilarious music XD

Nice job on this. Not bad.

The graphics weren't that amazing. It needs something more attractive in my opinion, like something other than a white background, some text, and a few pictures. The animation was nice, and synced very well with the music, which is one of the best things about this animation.

The music's very unique and funny, plus it fit really well with the flash. I think some sound effects or something to make this advert sound more epic or something, like an explosion sound effect every time a new piece text appears.

This is supposed to be an advertisement, so I expected it to be a bit more epic with eye-catching colour schemes and an attractive layout. Still, the music put in here was great, and so was the animation syncing with it, so good job :D, especially for your first submission. Sorry for the short review, I don't really have much to say about this :(.

-Review Request Club-


Rated 3 / 5 stars

What a tune!

Certainly the best rendition of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" that I've ever heard - kudos to you for dredging this one up.

With the way that you've taken this piece of music, I'd have expected a little more from this Frame-by-Frame animation - you don't really get much bang for your buck with what you could have expected.

The colourscheme was simple and effective, but I really did have a lot of trouble working out what this flash was trying to say in all essence.

[Review Request Club]