AntiMarijuana Ad (parody)

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A parody of the terrible anti-marijuana commercials that are all over television here in the united states. I don't have a problem with their message, trying to get teenagers not to smoke, but the way they do it makes it seem kind of cold, as if smoking weed automatically makes you a piece of shit individual, and that everything in your life will suddenly turn into shit and crumble in front of you if you even touch a joint. Drop dead, assholes. Let people decide for themselves, that's what they have a fucking brain for, ya goddamn controlling bigot assholes!

On a side note, my friend Dominik did the voicing for me. And I apologize for the lack of preloader and replay option, this wasn't made in flash and I have no fucking clue how to add those things in with the program I used. Maybe I'll figure it out at some point.

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Great, Cheech & Chong Fish is my favorite!!!

Narrator did great keeping composure and sounding serious the whole time.

Also "or kill yourself" ending is classic....mad props to your username and response to 1-ceth, that is all truth bruh


Great animation !

@ 1-ceth: you have no idea what you are talking about. Obviously you are the one without the brain. I see so many junkies here in amsterdam, and i can tell you none of them live on the street because of weed addiction. (and that says alot, since anyone 18+ can get it here whenever they want and smoke it wherever they want.) Its all alcohol and harddrugs that do such things to people. I and alot of other people i know smoke everyday and have jobs and happy lifes just like people who do not smoke pot.
Maybe you should look past the brainwashing ad's of the government and try and evolve your OWN opinion on such matters.

Ps: Authors response says it all.... props.

Not bad... could use some better animation

I agree with some of the other reviews. Could do with some better animation... maybe smooth it out. But a very good idea and good anti-weed ad:)

Friedmouse420 responds:

thank you for the honesty, though this isn't really anti-weed. it's satrical, because I don't think weed is as big of a deal as the anti-marijuana commercials on t.v. make it out to be.


Ok first of all, the commercials are right in everyway, everything in your life WILL crumble, and its very hard to put it all back together, and you wont be able to put it back the same. Also, its not like they DONT let you decide for themselves; its just that most people: A) Dont have brains; or B) Dont USE their brains. And finally, they're not controlling, as they are not forcing you to do anything.

You just got pwnt.

Friedmouse420 responds:

Your point of view is rather ignorant, to say the least. As a person with basically no personal experience of your own, and a very belligerant way of responding to something you don't agree with, it's a little hard to take anything you say seriously.

Marijuana is probably the very least harmful "drug" you could ever take. It cannot kill you, you cannot overdose, and there are no long-term effects involved with it's usage. The fact that these anti-marijuana ads mainly focus on attacking the moral integrity of any person that uses it makes them arrogant and misleading. There are plenty of people in the world today that use marijuana and are fully functional and responsible members of society, but people, such as yourself, label them and use stereotypes to judge people that could quite possibly have accomplished quite a bit more than you have. The fact that someone smokes pot in their free time does not mean their life will fall apart and will never be the same, as long as it is done in moderation and all responsibilities of the day are taken care of. And besides, there are people who don't use marijuana who have no brains or don't use their brains. Like you for example.

I sincerely doubt I was "pwnt", I just think that someone got a little too self-righteous with their biased, watered-down opinion. I typed this up stoned, by the way ;D

Pretty good...

However, could do with being better quality, smoother animation and a play/play again button.

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Sep 3, 2009
9:12 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody