Jimtopia Short: Pop!

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This was practice more than anything, so even if you hate it at least I didn't waste too much of your time. You see, with school starting back up, I needed to refresh my brain on Flash (considering Fizz was the only thing I made in the last 3 months), so I decided to make a quick little Jimtopia short cartoon. I don't really consider this a Jim and Pals episode though.

I was really debating submitting this, so hopefully you at least get a little chuckle out of it!



that was....


i said "what the FUCK?" to myself a few times on that one

your logic.... is....

i cant argue with it....

its.... just....

you should write for M. Night Shamalayn

Jimtopia responds:

What a tweest!

Didn't see it coming

Well, that one knocked me over - I really should know with your own brand of Jimtopia madness, that you'd come up with something funny and completely off the wall.

A great setup and delivery of the gag. Well played. I particularly liked the animation for the explosion, but there could have been more attention to the smoking crater, particularly the shape that Jim's recently exploded body left on the grass. I was unaware that Jim's arse was perfectly circular :P

Still, that's about the only lax on the detail side of things and I can wish you well for the future :)

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holy cow

cannot believe you drew that frame by frame. looks amazing.

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks much, glad you liked it.

ahh lound noise!

that was awsome! scared me too =c. but it still was hilarious! now give me more! more moree!!!!

Jimtopia responds:

I really do need to produce content faster.


Ohmigosh it's Jim! In read-drawn frame-by-frame syle! Really awesome stuff. I know frame-by-frame takes a long time and a lot of work, but I have to say it looks perfect on Jim (his simplistic syle looks great with this kind of animation). Awesome, funny, a bit load, but overall, great. 5/5

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks man, you actually kinda inspired this idea with your review.

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Sep 3, 2009
1:37 AM EDT
Comedy - Original