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Supercritical was a game that I was working on during my breaks at my final semester of college. I needed a way to keep my programming skills sharp while studying in non-programming related classes. When the semester ended I mothballed the game and forgot about it. Well here I am 9 months later and I decided to finish it up.

An important point that I should note. I'm a programmer, not an animation or graphical artist. Supercritical's graphics are rough around the edges, I'll admit. The real work lies in the game's engine, which took a long time to complete. The advanced levels can have up to 7 rings of electrons using 6 different colors, and that code involved quite a bit of math (trigonometry actually).

As for the lack of sound, although I did setup the code to support sound (as you'll see in the options), I decided not to add sound in the end. During the later levels with all three guns firing at rapid rates, there just would be too much gun firing noise and explosion sounds. It was at the point that it was almost a constant never ending firing sound. It got rather annoying, so I thought I would just spare everyone and turn it off.

With that long winded introduction out of the way, here are the basic instructions:
Hold Space to shoot
Use Left/Right to move
Don't stay still for too long or the atom will fire at you
Ship points buy upgrades during each game
Stars buy permanent upgrades that will affect every game (buy from main menu)
Stars are saved on your computer, so even if you close your browser and replay, you'll still have them


Nice, original idea, but...

...it doesn't take any strategy. All I did was rotate in one direction and shooting continuously and I got up to 6000 points before getting bored.

Limiting player shots would help -- and as others have said, smarter opponents.


Well actually, There was no music, no instructions, and the graphics weren't so good. 4/10. You should have spend time for the instructions.

It's pretty good

Could use some background music, and maybe more difficult "enemies." I think if you update this in the future it'd be a lot better.

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3.18 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2009
2:33 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional