March of the Giraffeys

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Based off of the pet in castle crashers, a documentary on the little buggers. The Giraffey.
I started this project on march third 2009 and have been animating it off and on since then.

I must warn you, this flash is about five minutes
I know it is long so there is no need to put that in a review

I hope you enjoy this
ALL REVIEWS WILL BE RESPONDED TO (you take your time to review I'll take mine to respond)
thank you for watching, voting, reviewing



I want a stuffed Giraffey.

TheL1st responds:

everybody does, but it's out of my hands good friend


This movie is quite good enough. Keep it up!

TheL1st responds:

thank you, i'll do my best to keep it up

It's nice

I like this movie, pretty nice graphics. The narration seemed way to serious for this kind of cartoon though. :P

I didn't like their names to be honest. Fluffy, Buffy, Scruffy and whatever they were. Kinda annoying to listen to.

Lol @ the song at the end.
Thx for using one of my tracks, too.^^

Voted 4. Good job.

TheL1st responds:

yeah the problem was that i was righting it and i couldn't decide
between comedy or drama
so i ended up with a Dr. Frankenstein cross between the two
and the clearly conflicted at parts.

thank you for the review, making a great song, and the 4

Castle Crasher: Giraffey Stories

It was fantastic and original, it combines the fantastic love of the game Castle Crashers with a serious look at the little animals who help you in the game it self. As if there is a hole separate universe with in its own, a side story well worth the time to hear. I really loved this submission it was cute as it was dramatic. I can not wait to see your next work. Here's hoping it exceeds the previous ^_^
"Great job!"

People find this review helpful!
TheL1st responds:

thank you, I knew i really needed to work my butt off to get a good flash representing
the game and my love of it.
I am really glad you liked it so much, i hope others do the same


it's good

TheL1st responds:

glad you liked it

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4.05 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2009
11:45 AM EDT