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March of the Giraffeys

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Author Comments

Based off of the pet in castle crashers, a documentary on the little buggers. The Giraffey.
I started this project on march third 2009 and have been animating it off and on since then.

I must warn you, this flash is about five minutes
I know it is long so there is no need to put that in a review

I hope you enjoy this
ALL REVIEWS WILL BE RESPONDED TO (you take your time to review I'll take mine to respond)
thank you for watching, voting, reviewing

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And now back to March of the Giraffeys. :D SO GOOD!! 10th time watching! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting documentary

I love the idea of the Giraffey, though it does seem a little rushed. Perhaps slow down the vocal presentation a little, as else it will sound a little gabbled. The way that you introduced them all was a nice touch and it all seemed like we were learning a lot about them.

I was a little disturbed by the fact that they kept dying. How many Giraffey were lost during the one year? I think that this particular facet may have been ever so slightly overdone, so toning it down would help a lot.

I long to hear more about these gentle creatures that we know so little about. I'm sure that there is plenty more that you could show us of this. How exactly does a plateau flood, by the way?

Also, I had a little problem getting this to play - it lurched straight to the credits. Is this something that needs looking at, or did I do something again that is not entirely my fault, but I'll be buggered if I can work out what I did?

[Review Request Club]

TheL1st responds:

Actually the project did get a little rushed, I started out of the gates veyr strong but lost faith but heckling from others around me gave me the motivation to finish it.

about the jump to credits, I have not encountered this problem, mayhaps you pressed the "credits" button instead of play?

nice flash

I liked it, very different form most of the things I've seen on here

giraffeys are so cute :D

TheL1st responds:

yeah, it's too bad more people haven't seen it or took the time to enjoy it for what it is

So much is wrong in this world, thanks for adding.

I throughly enjoyed this flash. From the beginning i was smiling, and thats not normal unless there is a kitten involved. So i am a little confused, how is it that in less numbers they become more of a threat to predators? That i find great, just great. This flash must have been one of your easier ones to make, because there was a lot of just moving giraffeys around on the screen it seemed. But you made up for it with the narrators comments. I would say, maybe you should make a sequel, but, then i would be lying haha the brilliance if i am allowed to say that, seems like a one time thing on this project. Although if you were to do it for the other animals in C.C. that may be a good series. either way, main point, i liked it and appreciated the work.

TheL1st responds:

the problem is that nobody saw it for the six months of work i put into it, and a lot more work was put into it than you may believe
but i am glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the ten

ps , and obviously if there are less of them, they will be at a greater risk of being killed by predators

its ok

well its good but not what i really expected from you. this didnt have the funny i thought it would but it still is good but not a 10 or 9

TheL1st responds:

this wasn't made by battosai810 where the rest of your reviews are
he is only my voice actor

Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2009
11:45 AM EDT