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Guardians 5 Points

Defeat the Footie Twins

Heavy Weapons 5 Points

Defeat Battbot

Monkey Biz 5 Points

Defeat Ootkey

Bad Transit 10 Points

Defeat TRN-1

Freeroes 25 Points

Get Secret Ending

Kaminari Ninja 25 Points

Defeat Raijinmaru

Patricide 25 Points

Defeat creator of Dadgame

Story Easy 25 Points

Beat Story Mode on Easy, Normal, or Hard

Story Hard 25 Points

Beat Story Mode on Hard

Story Normal 25 Points

Beat Story Mode on Normal or Hard

WSW Tribute 25 Points

Defeat Final Weapon

Cheating Death 50 Points

Defeat Mecha-Death

Debugger 50 Points

Defeat Phantom

Presto! 50 Points

Beat Boss Battles on HARD

Tower Offender 50 Points

Beat Tower of Destiny on HARD

Dadgamer 100 Points

100% Completion

Author Comments

After much waiting, Dad is BACK! Play as Dad and go on an adventure to save his town! Once you finish the story mode, test your skills in the 4 unlockable challenge rooms! Unlock secret weapons and fancy accessories to help Dad on his quest! Can you get 100% completion??? :D :D :D

"Dadgame: The Soundtrack" is on SALE!! Now available at sakupen.com!!!

9/22/09 - TEMPORARY MEDAL FIX! Go to the unlock menu and hit the NG MEDALS button!

If your medals aren't working it's because of the NG medals system. Tom is working on this, so be patient and it'll be fixed! In the meantime, there is a button in the unlock menu which will resubmit the medal unlock code based on your game progress

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< 3

this game is fun but you weren't very fucking thoughtful to people with normal computers. graphics are everywhere the game is always fucking lagging at moments where it doesnt need to be. The bosses besides like ootkey and the footie twins are fucking bullshit rng shit that lags your computer so much you would die by your computer doing its own shit from input lag because this game isnt fucking optimised. its fun but fuck me it isn't thoughtful. Final weapon x is a fucking kick in the balls and its laggy as shit its just the asshole of bosses.

the game is easy and good

it's seriously amazing but i just wish it was longer.

the difficulty for this game is all over the place. easy mode basically plays itself as long as you spam Z. meanwhile hard mode is pretty much impossible unless you manage to unlock other weapons via challenge.

the janky hitbox and the save system not working properly also didn't help, and the phantom boss fight is basically pure rng with how laggy it gets.
ironically mecha-death is one of the better boss fights, since at least it has a pattern to follow and doesn't just jank you out (most of the times). tower of destiny on hard is just absolute garbage