I Am The IceCream Robot

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This is a Simple Movieclip on a song i like on newgrounds so no ($@$@$) comments of assholes like always! ty for the tips im gonna make a cartoon episode i think whit my robots :D

ow yhea and the lyrics:

Well I'm a piece of white trash
living in the suburbs
working minimum wage
'cause I'm dumber than a turd
dropped out of fifth grade
living on welfare
I don't have an ID
but I don't really care
I couldn't find a job
it really was quite tiring
and then I saw an ad
ice cream man now hiring
I took my mother's mini-van
I stole that piece of crap
boom kiddies
the ice cream man is back

I am the ice cream man
Running over kids in my mini-van

Well I'm driving down the street
shootin' kids with a 40
Listen in closely
This is a good story
I guess a little skaterpunk
didn't really like me
I said "What you want?"
and he said "Bite me!"
so I took the scooper
and shoved it up his pooper
and he's been limping for days
and I just sat
I sat and laughed
as the little punk waddled away

I am the ice cream man
Running over kids in my mini-van

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Why does POM 2 not say anything about this song?

v Rock Band** Guitar v

LMAO! Love this song, it's great!

I was go to rate 5 stars...

But the guitar hero guitar made me LOLcakez so 10 stars.

ugh...... no comments

i like the song yes, but seriously, theres also a bass, thers no rythm in the movements, nice graphic though. and besides, a guitar hero guitar? you can't play real guitar with that, maybe try to make it a bit better next time, oh and by the way, after the song is done, maybe make the robots idk, fade out? else it looks dumb when they are standing there playing nothing on they're instruments, the drummer needs a pair of drumsticks, and theyre all three equal to each others, makes my head hurt when i look how they bang they're heads totally the same.....
try to change some of those things, and make the quality of the song a bit better, it sounds like you recorded it. else it's fine, another nice idea would be yust to make an animation to the song, so you turn the song, into a flash where you can see what the singer does, also a good thing eh? well, at least i can say, thx for trying, but needs some work, i'm sure you can do it, you yust have to train, since training makes the master, hehe, nothing personal, but as a newgrounds account, it's kinda my job to tell what could have been better


u get 3 stars for music

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Sep 2, 2009
8:01 AM EDT
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