Skeleton's Revenge

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this is the second part of the first Skeleton Movie (one of my first flashes)
if you don't know why he's dead then look at the first one
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/510048

and can someone help me make an icon for this>? i don't know how


Hmm, a few changes and we're there

Not a bad piece overall - I can see that this particular entry would benefit from a subtitles bar, as jumping around the screen to click the speech bubbles to advance the text. I think that a button on the bar would suffice to advance the text in that respect.

The plot is workable, but could use a few tweaks, to make it less linear. Perhaps have the guy that killed the skeleton get back up after he died, or something, like a recurring villain, perhaps.

It's got some great potential, so keep working at it and hopefully the next one will be better :)

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kfc23456 responds:

...yhu ruined the secret for the next one
he's just injured,but he gets killed at the end of the next one

Secret ruiner >:o
lol just kidding, but i'm making a way better one

on its way to become good

the act dead part was good and also u added some speech thats good and u added the save the world part .
better then the first one i hope u can still go better than this good luck on your next one

PS:if u are learning how to do flash then after finishing the skeleton series i hope u can make stuff like that but in flash.

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kfc23456 responds:

yea for the next one im going to tell the whole story then after that i'm going to make a game

befefit of the doubt

i only gave this a 2 because everything else suck massive balls today

it was ok

it just wasnt great

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2.75 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2009
8:59 PM EDT
Comedy - Original