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CatFat Episode 2

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WHOA DAILY 4th!!??! THANKS EVERYONE!! thats my 2nd ever trophy :D!!!
The menu's animated, so give it a while to load
Okay so here is the new EDITTED version, since the previous one was kicked out into the gutters.
Thanks to the previous reviewers i really do appreciate your comments, and i would have responded..however i did take on board the criticism and have reduced the length by nearly 2 minutes, cutting out all the boring and unneccessary parts and increasing the pace of the audio and animation.

The style of humour i was going for with this, is a subtle, conversational or offbeat humour, rather than something saturated with 100 jokes per minute..From what i gathered alot of you missed this point last time :(
So please rate/review it for what it is, not what it isn't !

BTW, the sexual ambiguity (you'll know what i mean once you've seen it!) is intentional, you make your own mind up, just clearing that up there ;)

Anyway, I've been working really hard on this for over a year now, so please show some respect and watch the whole thing before making your judgement, i know alot of people didn't bother last time :(
Hope you enjoy it this time!

- Shaun

i advise you not to use the scene selection menu until the movie has fully finished loading!
I am also aware of a slight glitch with the subtitles turning back on (assuming you turned them off) every new scene..im working on fixing it ;)

Runtime: about 6-7 minutes
Frame Rate: 20

THANKS TOM for the upload limit increase! :D


aaaaaw poor (...gay...?) Mr Thin :3

CatFat rules once again, being his laidback (but somehow CUNNING (is this intended?)) selfloving self. And an even clozer look on our maincharacter Mr Thin made it intriguing (or how u spell it (I'm from Sweden so my grammatiks is not ze best(going on...))). Enjoyed it very much :) And this time you wont have to worry about people wont watching the whole thing, I assure u ;)

And once again
THANK YOU for bringing this here from ze awesome world of imagination. :D And if you have any coltinjuing work of this ze story I would very much like to see it when its ready. That izall. ;)

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CatFat responds:

Thanks! I have a good friend from Sweden so dw :P
Yeah CatFat is meant to be quite cunning and hubristic. I will soon start working on a new one which should reveal more depth in his character.
I'll be sure to send you a PM when it's done! and thank YOU for enjoying it! :D

I loved it

Please tell me there will be an episode 3?? =D

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CatFat responds:

Yes eventually, i'm not sure when though, i really need get a job first lool.
But i plan on calling it just 'CatFat' instead of 'CatFat episode 3', for a fresher start.

Finally Another One

Well done, once again! The art has increased in quality, smoother transitions, and I just realiazed something... Mr. Thin sounds a little bit like Killface from Frisky Dingo (if you've ever seen that). Anyways, bottom line, keep up the good work!

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CatFat responds:

lool no i haven't seen that but i will check it out!
thanks for watching AND reviewing! :D


Omfg this was just great. It was just hilarious and touching at the same time. The art was great, the music went very well with the video, the effects for the jogger at the end were just great.. wow wow wow! You have avery unique style.


I loved the frame by frame animation you used. All the movements were very enjoyable. The backgrounds were very nicely fone, with attention to detail. Very impressive! I LOVED THE CLOUDS! At the end where robin ran down the street its like a combination of emotion and comedy filled my body and i just couldnt stop lauging. You somehow managed to make a perfect flash scene with that. I cant explain it, it was just to funny.

ACTING 10/10

The acting was GREAT. The accents of each character was great. I loved each unique character and thought it was great that Mr. Fit was actually just as weird as fat cat. The only normal guy was the jogger.

PLOT 10/10

The plot was great. Some british slang i didnt understand such as "his house is in a right state" which I figured out meant it was dirty. I didnt udnerstand who robin was until I saw the end, but that made it even funnier.

I could keep reviewing but irs 135AM and im tired. It was great. Keep it up. Make another. I loved it.

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CatFat responds:

Hey thanks for that really long review! I'm happy that you liked it so much! :D
I'm planning to start a new one over november, i hope you catch that one too,
I'm glad you liked the humour! i was affraid i made it too subtle :/
thanks again!!

It`s so .......

CoOoOoOoOol love it .... ;D
I loved everything your awesome :)

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CatFat responds:

hehe, thanks alot!

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4.25 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2009
10:13 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 4th Place September 2, 2009