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A fast paced interactive storytelling piece that tries to be a meta-platform game based on the stream of consciousness of an egodystonic homosexual hero, but it fails miserably and becomes a piece of non-linear kinetic visual poetry written by a teenager obsessed with post-structuralist French philosophy.

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Besides the infamous "Die" ending the game brings forth emotions quite well, is enjoyable, has amazing and fitting music that always seems to bring forth paranoia in conjunction with something else visual that sets a mood that the actual text (dialog?) follows/enforces, and has many different conjoining meanings and themes.

Personally I like it.

Now,let me be honest(Attention,really long review)

I don´t want to sound rude,but I think this game has a lot of bad things,first there´s the infamous ``Die´´ ending,luckily,I haven´t actually got this ending,but as far as I know it freezes your computer on purpose,and that´s something you should never do as it´s annoying and it puts people away from the game.The other big problem is the text going on,sometimes not letting you time to decide,maybe you didn´t do it on purpose but it is still frustrating.I tough the history was okay,but I´m not going to say it´s really original because it actually seems to be the first level of Super Mario Bros told in a ridicolously serious and dramatic way(I found it quite fun,but it´s weird that no one who talked about the history seemed to realize about that),or atleast during the black part.The white part,on the other hand is clearly something different,kind of like the mind of the main character(Who probably is Mario or Luigi) filled with chaotic thoughts.The music is nice as it fits the the situation,especially in the white part,there is nothing to say about that.At the end it´s just a crazy choose your own adventure-like game where you must rush and sometimes even make decisions without knowing what these choices are,knowing this is experimental gameplay I believe in the possibility that those flaws were made on purpose,but that doesn´t make the game any better,it still is a game that could get some improvements,I didn´t like,I understand some other people liking it(They are in their right to have their own opinion),but I personaly didn´t like it.
P.D. : Paulo Pedercini,creator of this game said,and I quote "To hell with graphics, physics, AI, interaction and all that videogamey crap" .I don´t agree with your idea,mr. Pedercini,a game without interaction is not a game,and If your idea of a good game is a game without interaction you should write novels and not create games.

Oulipo Adventure

Potential Literature Made True.


heres my ending:GOD.


this was awesome and very, very trippy. I love to watch kinetic typography videos of all kinds, such as the movie quote ones you could find on youtube, and this is just perfect for me. I like the choice of music you chose, its perfect for causing panic, paranoia, and even inexplicable, primal fear. there's just something about constant beats, like something dangerous crawling through the vents above your head. Even the placement of the words give you a feeling you just cant quite comprehend, let alone explain, and make you think twice before choosing, something that, anywhere else, would be good but ultimately average nowadays, but is positively eye-opening and meaningful in such a fast-paced game where reflexes, subconscious patterns, and choice without reason or forethought rules. I imagine a psychiatrist or therapist using this to find out the mind of someone in a similar way to that of a rorscach test. When you have nothing, not even cognitive and analytical thought to go on, you are forced to use your own presumptions and the few visual cues you can make sense of, nay, merely notice, consciously or not, to make your decisions for you. you really can only go along for the ride and let your mind guide your body. personally, this made me take notice of what an effect my subconscious has on my actions, all the way down to those gestures and ticks you do without thinking, like a doctor who rubs his hands together when he's nervous; he is doing it without realizing it, and if you pointed it out, he would be just as surprised as you. I realise that it is the back of my mind, my subconscious thoughts and impulses making me choose phrases and letters for reasons i cant explain, as well as making me notice that the brain can be very illogical, picking one choice over another when we cant even see all of a word or even a single letter. all in all, it makes me feel like i am travelling through the mind of a mental patient of some sort, like each phrase and event is a part of his psyche and id, changing as he goes from one stimuli to the next, or even just his natural brain pattern, never focusing on anything long enough for it to be coherent, just a distraction as he spirals out of control, so random and chaotic that it is impossible to know if it is positively or negatively affecting him. I applaud you, sir or madam, for your intuitiveness, imagination, and ability to make your ideas real and full of impact.

Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2009
9:31 AM EDT