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Note:I don't know ,but a major glitch has occured and I don't know how to fix it.Please co-operate and press the play button many times to play the movie.
Knuckles gets a new enemy called cartoon knuckles.Although he has only 2 sprites,he is powerful than knuckles.PLEASE VOTE 5 and this is my first sprite movie.Please review.Mention any changes to be done in the flash.sorry,it is too short.How can I improve the graphics?

Special thanks to:Destroyer568

My next flashes:Click gallery,chaos


1.The score's above 4.00!YAY!!
2.Above 2000 views

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knuckles rocks!

knuckles rocks!It was very good and the fight was also good

Windevelves responds:

I'd say that cartoon Knuckles rocks,Ashwin.

about hte same as the gut below me

i got to agree to the guy below me said much of it but you told me about this because of my picyou were a bit wrong im that much of a sonic fan i have this because it is funny and its from sonic shorts by the wax 70

Windevelves responds:

I'm no more a Sonic fan.But I've to complete this incomplete work.

kinda funny

It is kinda funny and makes much more sense than your desktop flash.

Windevelves responds:

Thnks.But I thought this was worse than desktop adventures

hi and btw...

nice flash 5/5

Windevelves responds:

you are awesome!!You gave me a 10 in both the flashes as well as voting.Thnks alot!!You'll be credited too

Messy, short and not very interesting

Keeping in mind that this is your first flash movie, there is alot you can do better. The audio quality needs to be improved, for starters. I would also like to say that 'Eye of the Tiger' seems out of place in this movie, as it is the first in this series and there is no big battle. Also, the text scrolls a little too fast and is just a bit hard to read at times, but not as bad as I've seen it before.

Overall it is messy (the text, the grammar, the effects, ect.) and the story (as written on the story page) is stock and uniteresting. The antagonist is very uncrative in both the name, sprite and description. Saying 'he's very strong' is most definatly beating a dead horse, especially when you don't say anything else about him.

As for things you can do better I'd reccomend, for the most part, cleaning up the text, the effects, ect. For the story page, all you need is to add a dash of creativity. Remove the part about Cartoon Knuckles being very strong because this should be implied through action in the video. In the video slow down the pace a little and add some story; increase the length of the video and make the story stronger.

Two effects which really need to be fixed: Cartoon Knuckles flying into blank white screen and the large red smears of paint covering Knuckles.

Don't give up, and your video will improve dramatically.

Oh, and one last thing, please do not beg for a high rating just because it is your first video. It's just plain irritating.

Windevelves responds:

I wanted to make the texts to be controlled by a button but alot of errors came during that.I want better graphics.But it was not possibleWhat do you mean by adding creativity to the story page?better graphics?I already mentioned that the movie is very short.Cartoon knuckles was actually destroying the place and the red paint is actually blood.If you have rated 3 or above,thanks.