Girlchan in Paradise Ep2

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This is the second episode of Girlchan in Paradise. Enjoy!



you went a little extreme with the stupidity on this one man i just dont think its that funny


I coudn't close my mouth while watching this, it was just so random and stupid.
I didn't really laugh, it was a bit of a challange watching it. Let's hope the next thing that comes out of Egoraptor is good.


Look, the drawings were good, but the plot was a bit...misleading. Also, using a movieclip of just a mouth moving for lip synching is not that great.

Egoraptor responds:

no way really???????

It is just like an anime. *Groan*


I honestly find this series annoying. I couldn't finish either episode, because the voices drove me crazy. This isn't me giving a bad review, because I'm a stupid blammer. This is me giving a bad review, because I honestly think that this is a bad series. I realize that satires and parodies are supposed to be funny, which is why your Awesome series does so well (which I actually enjoy), but even some parodies have the ability to not be funny. I got all the jokes about generic anime plot devices from the stuff I DID watch, but I still didn't laugh that much. I have nothing personal against you, but it seems to me that this got such a good score, because it has the name Egoraptor on it. I think that this wouldn't have done as well if you were to post the exact same thing at the beginning of your flash career. And now I await the fanboys, to say how useless of a review this is...

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4.44 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2009
4:45 PM EDT
Comedy - Original