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Guardian of the Bridge

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After being on flash hiatus for the longest time, I finally made something. This is my submission for an animation festival.

Originally titled "The Bridge", "Guardian of the Bridge" is a story about a family of satyrs (or pan) who find themselves curious once they spot a bridge connecting the other side of their valley homeland. The satyrs, two brothers and a sister, each must face the guardian of the bridge, a hungry and nasty troll. This short film is based off of the old tale: Three Billy Goats Gruff.

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I guess

I see what you were going for, but there was nothing stopping the Troll from eating them all. Big hole there.

Kalaloo-NB responds:

You probably misunderstood the message of brains over brawn.

The troll was too stupid to see passed the lies of the first two.

He wanted a bigger meal so he went for the second satyr instead of the first. The second was taller but very lean looking thus would have made a poor meal and was desperate to go for something better- what he was told to be the third one.

There's also the message of take what you can when you can, but as I mentioned the troll is too stupid to think this way.

You may want to try and read Billy Goats Gruff sometime. It's a short read and follows similar logic... though the ending is a bit more gruesome.


Either I've heard this fable before, or the story was just that good :) I loved it. Probably the only thing I'd add is more music and the male vo needs a better mic, but that's just nit picking. In it's entirety, it was a great piece that I enjoyed. Well drawn, well structured, well animated.

Props to u sir. Props will we can't fill up the stage no more lmao.

Kalaloo-NB responds:

Thanks for the review ^_^


I've seen better but I like it!

Kalaloo-NB responds:

Glad you did!

Great work

strong timing and some interesting shot selections, my only issue was that the drawing quality dropped at some points. Otherwise brilliant! :D

Kalaloo-NB responds:

Thank you. I'll try and watch it when it come to drawing consistency .

Beautiful mastery if art and story

that was incredibly well done. The playful beginning, and the cuts of the hill and river view made it all the better than just running through the story. On top of that it looked fabulous. The hill and river scene especially had great detail. I think u got carried away tho when the boy walks across the bridge, it doesnt look right with the rail behind him moving so fast.

The sound wasn't distracting or anything, but the monster crash and the sound effects, like the boy waking up after the crash, could vary a little more in loudness.

I also loved the cute story of each way the troll is fooled and how u thought to show each excuse the three characters made as they say it.

Short summary, u did awesome, make more, we appreciate it! :D

Kalaloo-NB responds:

Well since you liked it so much I'll make sure to do better ^_^

I'll try and fix the sound problems within the week. Thanks for the rview. I find them very helpful.

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3.95 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2009
11:44 AM EDT