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Light Asylum Escape Room1

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You gain conscience inside a very white and bright room.

You hear a voice coming from a strange device on the wall. It talks to you and explains that you're supposed to try and escape that room (and 4 others) with the purpose of testing you.

You need to find all the tiles that fit the puzzle, and place them in the correct order.

This is the first Room of 5. Hope you guys like it:)

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I played this and room 2 elsewhere a loooong time ago. But we were promised 5 rooms or so! what happened? I was looking forward to this game, and the music? OMG. so good! what WAS the music used for this? It's so relaxing! Ever since I played this one and the sequel, I wanted the rest. These are some of my all-time favorite games! Did they ever make the rest?


i like its not the best but it is kool

too easy

its too easy to find all the Tiles and the Final Puzzle is not a challenge when you know how to do it. This is a very old Puzzle so i knew what to do before i had all tiles. I hope for the other 4 Rooms it will be more challenging. Graphic is ok but i dont like the Sound. At least there was the ability to turn the Music off so i give you 6/10

I love you.

The graphics were adequate, the music fit like a glove, and I really had to put alot of thought and effort into figuring this puzzle out.


One that that always pisses me off about these games is that you have to guess what the creator was thinking. Take for instance the ventilation grate. Why couldn't I just smack the hell out of it with the hammer and break it open? Why did I NEED the swiss army knife? I could have easily drove myself nuts trying to flip the mattress over, its such an easy place to think to look.

Then there's one thing I always hope for but never get. The chance to just bypass the puzzle entirely. The "fuck this! I play the game MY WAY!" option. For example it would have been nice to remove the speaker panelling and rip some live wires out of it then put them against the door to just short the whole thing out.

Its a neat little game. Good job. I'll look forward to room 2, but I fully expect to lose interest before room 3.


I'm a room escape game addicted gamer, and this is my kind of game, great job. Looking forward the sequel. :D