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The Killbots of C Station

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Author Comments

The Killbots of Cavern Station is a real time semi-tactical game. Use cover to kill the evil orange killbots.


WASD controls the camera.

Space bar to switch between your different squads

Click to send squad to location.

Squads will take cover behind any cover (white blocks) that their control rectangle touches or contains.

Squad members shoot automatically.

Tanks cannot take cover.

Make sure to use cover! It's super important!

Other Stuff:

Check out the timelapse of me making the game at: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=4NvrDRCxrRA

Flixel and my own custom collision detection optimizations
Tile Studio/Graphics Gale for pixel art
Sfxr for sounds



The game is simple, yet difficult and intuitive enough to keep it interesting. I thought that it would just be a simple little game, with average controls and whatnot. however, When i got to level 2, I found out that the game is more than a little time-waster, and that its a full-blown masterpiece. The AI is good, could be better, because now and then one or two of my units would just run in circes and not take cover with the rest, and when multiple covers were selected they chose the inconvenient one. but overall, it's wonderful. Those were the only flaws I found. I agree with Strumtreppen. Make a sequel, and make more units or more squads with different unit types. There's so much more you can do with this. But keep your cover system. I love it

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Very impressive

It is a very, very good game with absolutely incredible A.I., however the lack of music made it get tiresome after a while. Also there is a glitch in the A.I. when it occasional gets stuck trying to walk through a dark blue wall.
Could use some more specialized upgrades.
And creating squads with unique units would be nice.
Units could be simple as normal, heavy, rocket, sniper and repair drone(repairs other units nearby. What ever you decide to do, consider making a sequel, you already have near perfect A.I.
Well good luck with your flash career.
Rated 5/5 9/10

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im genuinly impressed

i rarely ever see strategy games where the AI is actually smart enough to fight without having me click 300000000 times. not even retail games get it right half the time, and normally on newgrounds everyone uses linear troop movements so they dont have to be bothered with writing the code for AI movements.

The game itself, although a little 8 bit feeling, is rather fun to play. although level designs are simple(again 8 bit feeling) they work well with strategy and it makes it easy to plan your next moves. And the upgrade system (which needs expanding when you make the sequel ^^ ) was a nice little additive that always gets me more into games.

overall 10/10
(-1 for no music, and 1 bonus point for amazing AI)
Keep up the great work!

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nice game

the graphic stile is perfect for this type of game
all you need is
bifrent troops ( rocket trooper ect)
custmisable diffeculty
lower tank amor (maby a upgrade?)
cant wate for the sequl

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really enjoyed the game, please make another, but this time let me make suggestions :
1. more squads
2. Customisable squads (E.g Rocket squad)
3. More levels
4. Harder competition (so you have to use all of your skill to beat them just not a tank

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Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2009
5:24 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)