Paranormal Creatures

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I started making flash movies six years ago. I was 12 back then, and since then I just didn't have the patience or commitment to completely finish a flash movie. Finally, I managed to get a movie done to submit it to the internet for the whole world to see. This is my first published flash movie.

It began in march 2009, when me and my friend decided to have a sort of flash contest. We had two weeks to create a flash, submit it to Newgrounds and see who got a higher score. The contest was cancelled as my friend didn't have the time to make flash in the two weeks. This movie turned out to be much bigger than I expected, so I took my time and finished it in a period of six months.

I kind of regret how this movie didn't quite turn out how I originally envisioned. I had a deadline, so I had to cut some corners in the making of this movie. I wanted to make this movie longer, more thrilling and more cinematic than it is.

Yet, I finally did it. I published my first flash, and to me that's all that matters. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Edit 10.9.-09: FRONT PAGE! Friggen' awesome! It's like a dream come true. :D

A week after I first submitted this, I was disappointed for the fact that this movie was so overlooked. It got only 20 reviews. Within a day since Paranormal Creatures got a front page, the amount of reviews was doubled. Great!

To celebrate this, I just submitted an updated version of the movie. It contains only small improvements, no big changes: I reworked some rough looking animations and corrected the mistake where the scratches on the main character's jacket disappeared in some shots.

Thank you for everyone for your support and the constructive critisism. Because of your reviews I now know what I am good at and what I need to improve in my future work. I have a lot of awesome ideas for my next flash. Just stay tuned...



Nice vid man, keep it up!


this is the kind of submission newgrounds has lacked for a long time..
i swear all i see on the front page these days is the same crap. Whoevers pickin the front page stuff keeps gambling on cliche junk! and the only people that find them entertaining are nerds who find lame and obvious and tryhard funny.
as for this submission, i really liked how it was set out. reminded me of a submission i saw in like 2007 or somethin bout the "new jersey devil" which i thought was cool. good work, see if you can finish off anything else you started when you were 12 10/10 5/5

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Larty responds:

Thanks for the good review. I'm also getting sick of obnoxious voice-acting and unfunny humor movies on the front page.

It seems that some reviewers (like you) thought that this is my very first movie I have ever made. This is not the case. I only said that this is the first flash I have published on the internet. I have made several movies in the past six years, most of them were never finished, but I also made some school projects with flash that would not be appropriate for Newgrounds. Why? Well, teachers are pretty easy to impress with even simple animation skills. :)


didnt really looked like a first animation looked like it was made by someone that already made thousands of vids now i have only one question ... why a chupacabra?

Nicely done

Kudos my friend on a really good job. It was nicely animated and the art style was really well done. I particularly enjoyed the opening with the figure shadowed and the First Person sequence when he's hoding the camera and torch. Throughly enjoyable.

Nice submission

Whoa, that's a nice vid. But I, (who don't really like peaceful ending in this kind of flash,) think you should end with something more 'unpeaceful'. But It's still a very good one, I like it.
P.S. The human face damn real! (And it's a first)

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Aug 31, 2009
4:04 AM EDT