Paranormal Creatures

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I started making flash movies six years ago. I was 12 back then, and since then I just didn't have the patience or commitment to completely finish a flash movie. Finally, I managed to get a movie done to submit it to the internet for the whole world to see. This is my first published flash movie.

It began in march 2009, when me and my friend decided to have a sort of flash contest. We had two weeks to create a flash, submit it to Newgrounds and see who got a higher score. The contest was cancelled as my friend didn't have the time to make flash in the two weeks. This movie turned out to be much bigger than I expected, so I took my time and finished it in a period of six months.

I kind of regret how this movie didn't quite turn out how I originally envisioned. I had a deadline, so I had to cut some corners in the making of this movie. I wanted to make this movie longer, more thrilling and more cinematic than it is.

Yet, I finally did it. I published my first flash, and to me that's all that matters. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Edit 10.9.-09: FRONT PAGE! Friggen' awesome! It's like a dream come true. :D

A week after I first submitted this, I was disappointed for the fact that this movie was so overlooked. It got only 20 reviews. Within a day since Paranormal Creatures got a front page, the amount of reviews was doubled. Great!

To celebrate this, I just submitted an updated version of the movie. It contains only small improvements, no big changes: I reworked some rough looking animations and corrected the mistake where the scratches on the main character's jacket disappeared in some shots.

Thank you for everyone for your support and the constructive critisism. Because of your reviews I now know what I am good at and what I need to improve in my future work. I have a lot of awesome ideas for my next flash. Just stay tuned...


Weak story.

Most of the animation was good, but where was the story? You have a main character who's supposed to have fans being a paranormal investigator, but instead of doing anything professionally, he goes out there with a flashlight and a video camera? Why? Did his team call in sick that day? Locked the rest of his gear in his car? And then after his scuffle, did anyone believe him? Did any of this really happen? I mean, maybe he was just on hallucinogens and thought he was a paranormal investigator who had a fight with a monster. Maybe at the end when he looks so sad, it's because he's going to go to jail because he's an idiot who called 911 when he was tripping on shrooms. You've got skill, and you can do action, just need to make it make sense now.

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That was amazing! I wish i could draw like you!

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Wasn't very interesting.

I mean, I can barely even tell you why it was bad.


Hmm, I don't think this is anything too amazing, but I think you have the potential for an online serial with this. Sort of like a "supernatural" type thing. This was too short and didn't include much of anything. Although the email at the beginning was interesting. Don't give up, you could make this into something good.

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An excellent movie, with some room for improvement

The quality of your environment and your understanding of pace are very good, infact I'd have rated you 10 in that area.

The only thing that could have done with some improvement is the animations, the weakest example being the "paranormal creature's" movement when chasing the protagonist.

The quality of your artwork (not including animations) was average, however I feel if you had taken a little bit more time on the artwork or perhaps approached it from different angle or style the result would have found more traction with your audience.

Overall, I enjoyed your flash and keep working on your skills.

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3.88 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2009
4:04 AM EDT