Kaiblade Episode 2

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Kaiblade episode 2
Blane escapes from his torched town only to come face to face with a turtle! He meets up with Jai, a talented fighter who happens to live on the edge of the forrest with the beautiful yet hot headed akire.
This is my first completed episode.
-Note- There is no episode 1 at this time and the mini-sode is NOT connected to this episode
Run time from intro to outro is about 4 mins

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im looking forward to the rest

it has good animation but i can already tell the rest of the story will be little less than ok. i RLY dont want to look at another TV show of anime. and i can already tell that if the fighting scenes arent going to be spread out they will be fast. that isnt good, and everything can't be too serious. that is what throws a lot of ppl off. MAKES IT FUNNEH PLZ.

question. VERY IMPORTANT!!

do you have a facebook? cuz i'd really like to give you some things to help with this, and i'd also like to do a voice on a character i'd made for just such a piece of art as this. i want to keep him purely confidential until his first apearance in your series. thank you for giving us all something to enjoy. god bless you! :D (and no, i'm not at all promoting facebook.)

Very Nice

I love what you are trying to do here, being able to catch the design of it being a TV show. One problem with this, however, is how the body parts of the characters are placed and how they become easily skewed from side angles. You have to let artwork flow smoothly when making art. Work on your characters from mutliple camera angles to get the hang of this.

Another problem would be how the characters act towards certain aspects.
The main character, Blane, is under attack by a giant ass turtle after his town burned down. You want emotions to naturally flow from a character, so it would have been a good thing to show how sane he is and freak out alittle.
You know, a little "Oh shit" to his face and such.
Another moment is when he meets Jai. Naturally, Jai would not invite the kid to his place without knowing WHY he is in the woods anyway. But I digress...

Overall, good idea. You have something nice working here. Keep it up.

CartoonCoffee responds:

Thank you! this is the type of feedback i need to improve!
-The reason i made Blane act the way he did was because i thought a person would kinda lose all hope and not really care to much about life at the point.
-And jai say Blane having a hard time and heard his stomach so he just offered him a meal.
-Maybe i'm just not approaching the scenarios the correct way but i think thats fairly realistic.
-But I completly agree about the body parts and angles. I'll keep working on it!

Art is great, though animation seems stiff..

Clearly the art style is stunning. This is the first of your work that I've seen, but I'm already hooked. The voice actors compliment the characters so far.

My one current complaint, is the animation: It feels a bit rough this episode, it doesn't go along to well with the art. Slow down the pace a bit, and keep the animation fluid. The art will only improve as time goes on.

Cannot wait to see what this will evolve into..

CartoonCoffee responds:

Thank you! I understand what you mean but the animation seems a bit rough. I'm still learning and growing as a animator. I'm try to show improvement each episode. Hopefully the next one won't disappoint.

Really looking forward to more

I have never seen a more detailed anime style animation on newgrounds. Keep up the good work.

CartoonCoffee responds:

Haha! Thanks! More will be coming for sure

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4.22 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2009
1:14 AM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place September 1, 2009