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now I think this is a damn good movie, in fact, it used to be rank 26 on the top 50, i dont see why ppl are giving it a 2, c'mon, i think it deserves about 3.15 user rating.


Not sure.

First of all I want to say that the graphics had alot to be desired there. It was a bit too much like something you'd make on PAINT.
Then there was the fact that the characters hover across the floor rather than walk.
The music matched the film well, I thought. Shame there was no voice-acting though.
All the gadgets n stuff was cool, and it was good where he puts his sunglasses on and just casually moves (not walks) away.
All in all, if your into your violent action films, you'll get at least something out of this.

((( NICE WORK )))

Wow this was great almost like a real action movie of some sort, love all the blood scenes, allthough the flash could use some propper play buttons most important a replay buttton at the end, but anyways, great flash, would have been better with some voice dialogs...


That wasn't too bad

It was a nice idea and I kinda like it it just could've been done so much better though, you could've added more story to it and dealt with various things slightly differently, I almost gave this a 7 but due to the fact that it could've been better and it didn't really ahve anything that made it stand out from the rest I decided a 6 would be good enough. by the way don't go own about how good you think your flash is, you just come across as arrogant and big-headed, and think about it the fact that this used to be 26th in the portal doesn't mean much it's the 51st entry for fuck's sake 26th out of 51 isn't good, not even 26th out of 200 is that good, seriously man change your author's comment's, you may even find this movie's score will increase as people won't get pissed off with your big-headedness.

You Even Tried to entertain me with this?

This Flash looks like it was made by an immature 6 year old who watches too much voilent TV and thinks senseless voilence is the coolest thing in the world.

This movie rocks if you understand it

You guys are all stupid to rate this a crappy movie, the ONLY thing wrond with it is it's not very long.

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2.66 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2000
1:00 PM EDT