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now I think this is a damn good movie, in fact, it used to be rank 26 on the top 50, i dont see why ppl are giving it a 2, c'mon, i think it deserves about 3.15 user rating.


i like how it was drawn well and the plot was logical
just wish it had more frames and maybe some voicework


It was a nice idea and I kinda like it it just could've been done so much better though, you could've added more story to it and dealt with various things slightly differently, I almost gave this a 7 but due to the fact that it could've been better and it didn't really ahve anything that made it stand out from the rest I decided a 6 would be good enough. by the way don't go own about how good you think your flash is, you just come across as arrogant and big-headed, and think about it the fact that this used to be 26th in the portal doesn't mean much it's the 51st entry for fuck's sake 26th out of 51 isn't good, not even 26th out of 200 is that good, seriously man change your author's comment's, you may even find this movie's score will increase as people won't get pissed off with your big-headedness.


this was a short movie with a good story line enough said


Good movie, it was really good, i dont know why people are giving it low ratings. Don't they know it was made in 2000 11 years ago? The graphics and animation was really good, the plot was okay but some of the speech text went a little too fast to read.

The year 2000

For the year 2000 the graphics we're very nicely done, the story kind of doesn't
add up, kind of random but not a bad flash for 2000 in the graphics section.

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2.66 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2000
1:00 PM EDT