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Hello again, newgrounds! It's been ages since I submitted a flash movie!
I'm finally done with this. Keep in mind I began this yesterday. Two days I've had to work on this (one and a half, really). It's for science class.
Also, the audio is crappy, I know. My mic can't get good audio, but I'm trying. And I recorded it all in about half of a day.
It's been so long since I submitted anything that I decided that I'd have to post this one, so here you go. I don't expect it to get a good score, but what the heck. Enjoy it anyways.
12 fps. 9 layers. 133.5 seconds. 1603 frames.
Lots of tweening.



your quite good, i've seen some of your other pieces (not ALL) and so far i think this is the best, i enjoy my history so this is something that i wouldn't like to have missed.

A bit dry, but then homework usually is.

While I'm pretty sure you can do much better than this, it was nonetheless enjoyable. I don't recall ever having known the story of the man who formulated the periodic table of elements - it was interesting from an educational perspective. Hope you got a good grade on it. :-)

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Noxx11 responds:

Thanks. I never can truly enjoy making homework assignments in flash, but then again who expects to enjoy doing homework? I'm glad you liked it anyway. :)


you submitted this twice?

very good drawings though.

Noxx11 responds:

Thanks for the comment. The submitting it twice thing was entirely unintentional. NG told me that it hadn't worked the first time, but it had. NG lies! :C

Double posting???

Other than that, it was ok.

Noxx11 responds:

Sorry about the double posting. I didn't realize that I'd double posted it - it told me that it hadn't worked the first time, but later I realized that it had :P

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2.43 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2009
9:43 PM EDT