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A blobs tale

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The star of power hides across the other end of this strange, dark world. Only you, a small but misschievous Blob, stands between the Dark creature that wants to use the star to rule the world. Venture through platforms, puzzles and several bosses in order to find and hunt down the star of power.

*NOTE* The file was corrupt when i submitted it last month and i didn't get round to fixing it untill this week. Enjoy the game.

*EDIT* Wow, front page! Thanks alot newgrounds :).


Goood but.....

I love the animation, I really think the "Blob" is very cute. I also love how you implement puzzles in the game to make it more challenging. I was frustrated to be honest on the jumping of the blob, specially in the spider part! which I can't beat! Because my lives where counted down I never got to finish the game. It was frustrating that I could not pause it either when I was on the spider part so at the end my Blob wasted 10 lives since I had to move away from the computer. Overall It is great! I would just make it so that the lives do not matter so that people like me (slow spider jumpers) do not get frustrated to having to start ALL over again!

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Very nice.

I like the concept quite a bit, and the artwork is adorable. It's actually not bad whatsoever.
It took a few seconds to get the hang of at the beginning, but it's not hard to do.
I say a great game.
5/5, definitely.
Favorited, as well. :)

Good game all around, might want to tweak a bit.

Pretty good game, I like the art style (simple, colorful versus dreary,) the platforming is fairly well-implemented and the puzzles are fun, if on the easy side. A couple things I'd suggest, however:

1) Remove lives entirely and just let the player continue from checkpoints. 20 is an absurdly high number of lives to begin with, and puzzle games such as this generally don't force characters to restart. It's not a big deal, but I don't see the point of it.

2) Some areas have false leads that cause uneeded deaths. The opening platform sequence has platforms you fall through even though they appear solid. It took me a bit to figure out red flowers=bad, and then I didn't encounter the mechanic again. And then at the lava pool where you have to click on the rocks, there is a tiny stone I thought was a ledge judging from previous sections, and it wasn't.

3) The second bridge has a clue on it, but after arbitrarily jumping I made past most of it before I noticed the clue. This is fine and all, but the game saves which parts fell even though I hit the checkpoint BEFORE I died. Reset puzzles after death to ensure players must complete them as intended. This can tie in with point 1 also: don't let me run out of lives, but make sure I have to solve things correctly.

All in all, a solid game, keep up the good work.

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A Stupid Tree!!!!

Why Does It Just show u a tree wen it loads this game sucks


Theese are awesome i love this game i would play it everyday if i had the time its so rad!!!!!!

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Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2009
10:51 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle