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Helios: The Defender

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After much delay and waiting to release my latest game, I bring you "Helios: The Defender"
It utilizes inverse kinematics as one of its most important elements. I invite you to play and appreciate it! Comments are welcomed!!!!

Helios: The Defender puts you in control of a robotic arm as you throw sun-balls and destroy incoming enemy waves in the attempt to defend your base. Summon fighter ships to help you destroy even more enemies. Upgrade your defenses and pass all the 12 levels of intense action!

* Features *

- Save/Load
- Badges and Accomplishments
- High scores
- Upgrades
- 12 Intense levels

Developed by:
Carlos Perea (Calipe)

Sponsored by:

Music by:
Danny Dank (MaryLovesJane)

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There is a problem.

I don't seem to be the only one who has had this problem. I can't seem to reach the ammo to actually defend my structure. I like the concept but I can't give a higher score until I can actually play the game. This glitch makes the ammo spawn outside of the reach of the arm. Thank you for reading.

cool game

well done, nice idea throwing the spheres..

fun for a while

Hey, great little game, but I got bored after level 8. Unless I'm missing something, I had everything upgraded by the 6th level and then I was like "now what's the money for? I have all upgrades" plus I figured out that if you just bounce the balls off the sides, you don't have to actually aim at anything.

nice, but...

1. I always wondered why I bought a Tablet PC (FSC T5010). Now I know, to play Helios. It's really nice to play with a stylus! Makes a lot of fun.
2. Bad thing is that the levels get to repetitive. I mean 2 levels that are the same are okay but this made me stop playing after full upgrade (lvl 5). This is not "12 intense levels" like you promise in the game's description! It's just one level with different (but nearly equal) enemies and much to less upgrades!
3. I noticed that the top and bottom of the screen reflect the balls. That gave me an idea for a sequel that would be more interesting: Why don't you combine this game's concept with miniature golf? I think it would be much more challenging if you had to shot around obstacles and had to use walls to hit enemies behind corners.

My Two Cents

I'd like to see this developed further. I think the following changes and additions will make it better:
- different types of balls with different behaviour and effect characteristics
- enemies with more varied attack patterns
- bigger "grab" radius for balls
- balls physical beahviour can have more impact and control - see Momentum Missile Mayhem here on Newgrounds for an example

Credits & Info

4.16 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2009
11:02 PM EDT
Skill - Toss