27 : First Chapter

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Unriddle the story of 27 by finding the differences. in the year 20XX global climate change turned the world into extreme conditions between oceans and deserts. Will our hero be able to survive on this doomed earth full of crime?

Use the mouse cursor to click on the picture. Once all differences are discovered you will move on to the next picture. Any bad spot will deduct time and points.


Every great thing has it's flaws

don't get me wrong, this is extremely wonderful artwork and an extremely good game. my only problem was the difficulty moving up the ladder. i tried the game multiple times to see if there was a difference(which there was), but I noticed something from each retry. the difficulty remains the same, so much in terms as when you first begin, the differences should be almost subtle but just good enough for a novice to notice, then advance by making it less noticable(like a dot blemish on a building...). each level I played remained the same difficulty just with more differences, just tone it down at least on the first two levels and then go full blast into the third.

last but not least, the hint circle threw me for a loop, when it showed the first time(after about my 3-4th retry) when trying to find the difference, it was outside the circle, or maybe in between the extra lines surrounding it, either case, i could have sworn the designated difference was outside the circle, considering that was the last one i needed. unfortunately i only experienced that one time, so don't go crazy.
anyways, it's an awesome game, and is truly worth noting an extremly good puzzle. I hope to see more of what you have in store.

wow great

the find the diffrence games are brillint but no point of putting oops when it was a wrong guess and no score but awsome ....:)

amazing artwork!

A difference game with comic theme! I liked the artwork, it is good :) . Waiting for the story sequel!

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3.20 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2009
5:09 AM EDT
Puzzles - Difference