Armored Corps

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Combat through 250 increasingly more powerful waves of distinct enemy classes through several battlefields. Rank up, increase skills and equip more powerful tank mods.


Nothing special.

This game is boring and doesn't offer anything ground-breaking or interesting. That's not to say you didn't put any effort into this game 'cause I'm sure you did buddy :)

not bad.. not great though

kept getting "stuck" on the top and bottom of the screena dn had to pause and left click the flash window to gain ful up and down control.. overall a very easy game and i kept waiting for more weapons or upgrades to drop as there are al those empty space in the upgrade menu. scored 597295pts. but didn't even know as the pts counter kept counting to zero...i used it as my shield cool down meter

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Beat it, pretty decent

fun game, got to lvl 250 and was surprised when it actually showed an ending. upgraded speed and traction to lvl 5, then fire rate to lvl 4 which worked out pretty good. i probably would've been better off levelling up firepower and speed only though.


i got to level 160 250000 points then i got tired

Rather good. Excellent weekend anger management :)

Does have some flaws and bugs but none too serious.
* Gets repetitive, mainly in the later levels when there are no more upgrades. Are there less than 8 levels for treads and chassis?
* The wave number isn't displayed well starting from 200, unless it has a 1 digit :)
* I had no when it ends and would've abandoned it in the middle if it weren't for the review which mentioned that you win at level 250 (10x!)
* Sometimes movement keys got "stuck" and had to be pressed and released again (seen this in my own program, hehe...)
* I still have no idea when the shields need to cool down (which makes the more challenging parts of the game)

Yfael below summarized well the good points, let's say that if I've played through 250 waves then it was good, and I loved the air strike of course!

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3.50 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2009
1:00 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional