Armored Corps

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Combat through 250 increasingly more powerful waves of distinct enemy classes through several battlefields. Rank up, increase skills and equip more powerful tank mods.



this game is fun but if you hit the corners you will get stuck it was easy but fun . I think that if you made some more lvls this game would be even better,and you should put more wepons and get rid of the air planes they are so annoying.But other than that it is a realy good game.

ok, but...

this was a good game but you stop leveling up WAY too early and you should have more parts to use. the first 40 levels are fun but as you make your way past lvl 40 the lack of parts becomes annoying and the gameplay gets repeditive. it needs a boss level every 25 stages or so and the glitches are annoying.

You need to add more to the game for the sequel, like more parts and drone guns or aircraft that help for like 30 sec and then recharge. the lvl system needs to keep going as long as you play, to name a few...

overall it is a good game if you stop before lvl 50

(i made it to 300435 points before quiting)

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All it needs is a little bit of polish!

I'm not gonna lie, this is a pretty good game, and could have been one for the books, ya just gotta take out the glitches...like the shields not recharging, and that you can't change your shield once you have 1 equiped. I read some of your reviews..and they all asked for more tank mods..which could help, especially in the tread department, as there were only 5-6 options for treads. Also, a little more traveling room would be great as I often found myself cornered and having to smash my way through. Oh, and you might wanna add new mod tabs, such as side guns, auto-turrets on the tank, and something to keep those spikes off your ass, or even to be able to put spikes on the player's tank. The ranking system could use some extending, and add bonus points for chaining kills, and more points per promotion as you get higher in the ranks. The graphics were solid, and with the best mods (minus the non-working shield) the tank looked like a freaking BEAST!!! The music was quite entertaining even at the end...although you might wanna consider adding more trax in the updates or possibly even a sequel to this amazingly simple yet extremely entertaining game. I hope you consider some of these ideas, and feel free to message me if ya want anymore. Oh, yeah, it was a great game, but I wish it had some storyline to it.....although that might just be wasting time....anyways....Keep up the awesome work, have fun doing what ya do, and I hope ya make a sequel to this kick-ass piece of greatness...(or at the very least update the game a bit)!

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Ok, that was time consuming.

250 waves and too little to build on... Was maxed at round 30, sadly, so the last 200+ rounds were.. me shooting and them dying. Not to mention your ranking system falls too short of the end game. Many glitches, which I figured out how to gewt off me in time to stay alive, scored 614732 total... even though my score was constantly -5.

Good game, too long for so little improvement ability.


Need to fix the controls. I immediatly got bugged going in a forward-left position and couldnt get off the top of the screen at any point in the game, so I quit. You should fix this as soon as you can, along with the tanks. You cant tell them apart at all. Other than the looks and the control fail, the game is decent, I guess

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3.50 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2009
1:00 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional