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Cyberen's Bachelor Party

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Hey guys, guess what! For the first time in the like 2 years that I've been using it, I've completely redone the Cyberen Sillies intro from scratch. The only thing I've left in from the original version is the Cyberen Sillies theme song sung by the talented PowerRangerYellow AKA Mightydein!

No updates on the real Cyberen though, I'm afraid. If you didn't already know, the real Cyberen has been arrested for first degree murder. Stop by his page at http://cyberen.newgrounds .com and let him know you're there for him in this tough time!

We start off today's Silly where we left off yesterday ("Cyberen Gets Married" http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/509532). Stood up at his wedding by the unaware Jhonen Vasquez, he has locked himself in a broom closet, and refusing to come out. One by one, all of Cyberen's friends (and even a few part-time enemies) try and get Cyberen to come out of the closet to no avail (story of his life, folks)!

As usual, the people of Santa Fe turn to the wise, old Dr. Buttswallows for help, and, as usual, he knows just what to do! All they need is to, reasons the good doctor, is get Jhonen Vasquez to come and explain the wacky misunderstanding to Cyberen, but first they need to get Cyberen to come out of the closet! That's the rub, folks: Just about everyone has tried to get Cyberen to come out of the closet at one point, but no one's been quite able to do it! Then again, no one's ever tried it... Dr. Buttswallow style!

Dr. B tells Cyberen that Jhonen missed his flight, and will be a tiny bit late, and, in the mean time, he shouldn't miss the wonderfully decadent bachelor party all his friends have chipped in for! But can Cyberen's chums collect enough cash for this crafty carousel? WATCH AND FIND OUT!

Remember that I love you, and NEVER BAKE A CAKE WITH A STRIPPER INSIDE (or anyone, I guess). Just because Cyberen does it does NOT make it okay, kids. You and your pals are NOT cartoons, and this WILL result in severe burns, and possible death from carbon monoxide poisoning. Play it safe - don't be a retard.


Princess Laucherella <3

Want to join in on the Cyberen-tastic fun and much, much more? Come hang out with me and the gang at Cyberen's official fan club! http://z3.invisionfree.co m/BarneyBunchPart2/

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