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mozz race

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This is my first flash with a storyline. Still pretty new to it, but tried to improve my walk cycles and smoothness since the last submission. It is basically about how the slightest difference in action can completely chnge yours or another's life, like the butterfly effect. But here, also, the person realizes that they can do the very thing someone else has done to them, given the right circumstance. If that makes sense. It's about 2:13 mins long, I made the music, it's still pretty rough but it's the most I've achieved in a flash to date, I'd appreciate any feedback/advice you guys have.


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This is the best episode yet, it looks INCREDIBLE, I totally understand why it took so long, it certainly feels a lot different than other GFG and Shamoozal episodes. You guys are really boss at doing slapstick.

Job well done I'd say!!

what is the music

it's pretty good even though i am bored of chiptune

Orangebeef responds:

it was just some random shit that played on kohina.com idk the name )-:

no man

you should have put some more work into this instead of just having it like it is but the music was good

Orangebeef responds:

mozz movies should not have effort

Pointless Spam

All it is is a music video with lizrds doing the sam thing over and over I didnt rate it no stars because I kinda like the music

Orangebeef responds:

if the movie was better would you like the music more?

is this a joke?

its just four pictures of vehicles going back and forth being drivin by alligator things, i honestly thought after reading the authors comments it would actualy turn into something interesting, but to no avail. it was just a wasted 2 and a half min of my life watching this...