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Cooking time!



It's something different, alright. I played through to the end using a trackpad, not really trying too hard. It felt like a simulation or educational kind of game, but the cutting techniques weren't particularly true to life, so I didn't learn anything. Setting the table was like a dress up game: you affect how it looks, but it doesn't influence your score. I was expecting more reaction at the end: the guy should react to the meal you made, positively or negatively. If you can satisfy the people left wondering "what's the point?", and I think you can, the game would be a lot better.


It's a good game. It's just too short and the constant blinking of the "click" needs to be calmed down, it's quite obnoxious. Needs more levels, and I agree with Chickenx5, the guy should say something and you should be able to move the pan.

Fairly good game.

It was a bit tedious, but other than that it was nice. The story somewhat made sense, although just randomly cooking at someone's house seems a bit odd. And why would you peel a banana with a kitchen knife? It had good audio and art, and was a good game overall.


Good graphics and sound but very boring game play. You just do two different small tedious tasks for each dish.

Pretty Decent

Its an okay game, a few improvements are needed.

The white circle blue background needs to SLOW down. It hurts the eyes when its so fast.

The art style was impressive. Everything else wrong is on the other comments by other players.

And that KNIFE! Holy smokes! Where can I get a knife that instantly obliterates all my food by a single slice into a million tiny diced chops? I'll take that over the slap chop any day please.

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3.52 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2009
6:35 AM EDT
Simulation - Job