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Cooking time!


i would give 9 but for some flaws

1st, why do u need to cut the banana skin off? isnt it just peeling?
2nd, how come the game is so strict. if your like 1/10 a mm off the line its b
3rd. why do you have to make so much dishes?
4th, when making the cake, why do u need to hold the eggs? u just put them in
5th , why does cutting make such a big difference in the steak and salad, still will look the same
6th, why are you helping her?
7th and last, who are you supposed to be?

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I loved this game!

At first I thought it was just going to be one of your decorating games again. Those are okay, but get a little boring quickly. This however was awesome! I loved it! Probably one of my favorite games of Newgrounds. :]

There were only two flaws however: If I'm suppose to be helping her why am I doing all the work? It was like she was just standing there watching me or off doing something else. You were sitting there with them at the end so it kind of makes what she said at the beginning useless, "This will be the first time we're alone" XD Geesh with all that work I did I should have gotten him. She didn't do anything. :P

Not bad

It was ok...kinda liked it...made me hungry hehe


It was interesting for the first dish, but rapidly it degenerated to a very repetitive experience.

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It was sortof fun, but I think it needs a lot more content, like maybe you have to serve multiple people and cook to each of their tastes, or something.
Good job, though.

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3.52 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2009
6:35 AM EDT
Simulation - Job