Interactive Pistol v1.5

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Hello again NG! VirusX here with an update to my first submission, Interactive Pistol. This one features better graphics and animations. As well as sound effects! Music too! Haha. A few minor details have been added to the mix, such as the ability to manually disarm the pistol by putting the hammer back. You can also fire the weapon without having to pull the hammer. I was very pleased with the outcome so I hope you are too! Enjoy!

CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is more than welcome! (How do you think I improved it as much as I did? Haha)

Oh and more guns are in development as you read this.

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I like it. its very realistic, and the moel is VERY detailed, one thing. The M1911A1 pistol, when the slide is racked, will cock the hammer by itself, making pulling the hammer superfluous. other than that minor bit, an excellent app.

For Realism

Recoil and some smoke

Such an improvment

compared to your first one this is Just Awesome

that is so cool

im sorry i normaly give out proper 200 worded or so reviews but i have to be childish so here it is : OMG THIS IS SO UBER I LOVE THIS I HOPE YOU KEEP MAKING THEM !!!1!! there you have it i love this 9/10 it would be cool if you had a better backgroud anyway thanx for PWNING THAT RATER N00b that calls himself "the master rater" more like the masturbater so inapropriate yet so funny anyway yea great i love this if only a background and maybe more guns but not in this flash make more:)

VirusX117 responds:

More guns are in development.

Also, that "n00b" did apologize for his review, which is more than most would do. So go easy on him. Thanks!


Better than you last one!

by alot! 9/10 5/5

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3.84 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2009
1:38 AM EDT
Simulation - Other