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Puzzles - Falling

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Aug 26, 2009 | 9:48 PM EDT

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Author Comments

A Tetris style flash game, That you could play on the PSP or on your PC,
A small flash game I made that runs smoothly and is quite addictive.

~~EDIT~~ Since no-one liked my previous song choice here's a new one, Still runs fine on the PSP and the song isn't too bad either
[To put on your PSP]
1. Right click > View Page Info and go to the MEDIA tab
2. Scroll down to the .swf object
3. Click on "SAVE AS"
4. Save to X:/PSP/GAMES (X = your PSP location)
5. and then open your PSP BROWSER and go to file://PSP/GAMES/(filenam e).swf
NOTE: You must have flash enabled on your PSP
1. Click on VIEW > Source
2. Press CTRL >F and search .swf to find the swf object
3. copy the .swf file location and paste into the browser address bar
4. and save the .swf object and save to X:/PSP/GAMES (X = your PSP location)
5. and then open your PSP BROWSER and go to file://PSP/GAMES/(filenam e).swf
NOTE: You must have flash enabled on your PSP

X (X=Mouse Click) == start game/restart
UP KEY == rotate object
LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEY == move object left or right
DOWN == Move object down faster ++score



Rated 3 / 5 stars


the one thing that really put me off was the sound loop, i mean you could turn it off but it was still anoying haha, other than that a good game

scuddle666 responds:

Well thanks, glad someone liked it,


Rated 3 / 5 stars


As much as i like hearing my song it does get a bit repeditive after a while, i think one of my tetris remies would have fit much better here instead of a 5 second sound clip

i like the faces on the blocks tho =]


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Cool, in its own ways

Aww tetris, one of gaming biggest pastimes. Many variations of tetris have been made, Some with unique twists, some with diffrent shapes and sizes of the blocks. Some with a main menu, were u could start on level 9 instead fo level one. Some with diffrent music.

This tetris lacked all of the above.

I enjoy tetris, and im not saying this game is bad. Im just saying it lacks quality.

There was faces on the blacks, and when u got a line, the dinosaur ate them. On the right there was a quality button, mute button, and a face that told you if you lost. This is all this tetris game has that makes it diffrent.

Try to make it diffrent next time. Do something nobody has done with tetris ever before. I hope for the best.

3/5, it will pass

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Rated 1 / 5 stars


Although I do appreciate that you put some effort into this. You didn't really add anything to tetris other than severely annoying music and even more annoying visuals. I don't know maybe there was more to it but I really couldn't stomach to play it more than a couple of minutes. Some suggestions.

1. Tone down the music. Yes I know the player can turn it off but seriously that was like auidible vomit. Not good.

2. Tone down the background. I know that is your 'theme' but it is irritating to look at, especially with the way the playing pieces already look. Perhaps you could make the theme part of the game rather than part of the backdrop.

3. Add an intro screen so the player knows what they are starting when they press x. (i.e. a title screen). On those same lines, turning off the annoying music should not start the game.

4. Tone down the giant score bar on the side. The score bar should not take up more than half of the game area, that is really just annoying.

I couldn't stand playing it long enough to find bugs in gameplay, so I don't really have anything to say along those lines. I voted zero on this and gave 2 stars for the effort that you put in. I hope that you take head of my suggestions because you do have some skill and I can tell you are willing to put time into what you do. So you could do much better than this.

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scuddle666 responds:

I've made far better flashes before but I couldnt upload them either because of to much file size or because my computer crashed and lost all of my flashes, But thanks anyways for the review.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Well done, but the music...

The music is repetive, maybe next time a loop not 5 seconds long, maybe a little bit more imagination next time, really make they game your own not just a remake. Good luck with your next flash.

scuddle666 responds:

I didn't want it to lag the PSP version down, And it is my own, I have faces on the blocks a monstrisk eating the lines and a torret syndrome cube on the side.