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Chaos and Confusion

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Full name: Chaos and Confusion at Hageveld.
(Hageveld is the building's name)

The school I go to has a relatively beautiful building, that's for sure.
But can you imagine it being overrun by simpletons, faulty categorisation, anarchists and invading alien spacemonkeys?
Well, you don't have to, because I just animated it for you.

Be sure to enjoy!

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Awsome Glun!

Didn't know there was a Thunderbird (or Blunderbird) beneath our school...
(yes, we are on the same school)

Glunnator responds:

Neat. Hi.
Who are you? x3

Also, watch carefully... You're right. No Thunderbird.
Just a Blunderbird =3
Thanks for the review!


Another awesome randomness from you man, but it can get better ;P

Glunnator responds:

Hehehe, I guess it could...
Motivation is hard to find. :<


I don't know your school, but you made me feel connected to it! Very well done.
I liked it, when the school got out of controle -even to an absurd- STEP BY STEP! Mostly when I see this kind of flash everythings normal and than suddenly without any warning is changing to pure confusion.
Also the music come nicely around with your animation. Great!
You just got 8 point because of partly bad quality of the pictures.

Oki doki, that's it for now.

Glunnator responds:

If I had left the quality too high, the file size would've been too enormous for the flash to be worth the wait (this comment aimed at impatient people. Those who would've been patient: I am sorry, I had to cut a balance :))
Thanks for the review!

That was great!

Your choice of music fit in nicely with the entire animation. It was nice to see what would happen if those things happened. Also, I loved your use of real-life pictures.

Glunnator responds:

I thankyeverrymuch-a. The use of pictures was more laziness than anything else, though... and I didn't have many pictures to work with =p
But I am happy with the result, and the audience seems to feel the same, thus I find it as complete as could be. Yay!

It takes alot of men to make something like this..

And you are the equivalent to all 45,738.509,593&1/2 of those men.

I love you.

Glunnator responds:

I feel warmed.
Thank you for the compliment.

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3.92 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2009
4:20 PM EDT