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High School (bocodamondo)

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this is just my thrid video if you found scenes of bugs
sry iam about in learning

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Fairly mediocre

I was hoping for some more action but it was also lacking in quality. I think the best part might be at the very beginning with the nightmare and the appropriate music. I thought it was strange how that one guy was wearing the coat of many colors from the Bible. It did manage to have somewhat of a plot, but the animation really weighed it down. The voices and music were fine, but that was pretty much it. If you were referring to bugs as in defects in the animation, then I did see plenty of that.


AGAIN I LOook sponge bob,i a fan!
but who is this crocodilles
ON final Joe run too


about the low rating. this is pretty good, but im the kind who doesnt like to have those, well, extra lines take more time on your flashes.

bocodamondo responds:

i hope you know that this flash is old right?


Just work on your flashes before you submit them. Right clicking and converting something to a movie clip gives you filters to choose from. It makes pretty good logos if you play around with them. You probably should've worked on the lines abit more. The voice acting didn't really sound believeable.

What a fun movie!

your third movie eh? i had fun with this one! you need to work on your skills but this was good! Ive been watching your movies and i see your getting better!
the croc fight was suprisingly well done and very funny!
8 stars! yay

bocodamondo responds: