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How far can you fall? Collect powerups, hit the targets, and avoid obstacles while trying to reach the other side while the entire stage morphs and twists around you.

Left and right arrows are all you need to play. As a side note, this is the first game i've made money on so far, so i'm quite happy with how it turned out.

Edit: Thanks for all your comments and critiques. To clear up one thing, you can press the P button to pause the game. Also, i am planning to make a sequel which will take care of all the problems mentioned as well as add a ton of new gameplay elements

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Fun & simple game play, that offers a challenge.

The left & right arrow keys, being the only ones necessary to play, make for a simple to control game. But, that is not to suggest, it is going to be easy.

It may seem at the start, that's it's going simple to fly right through the game. But, you find out rather quickly, that with each new level, it grows increasingly difficult. It has the potential to be a highly addictive game, like Tetris, for example. But, sometimes the target falls out of view (which could be part of the intended challenge), the music (at first kind of cool, if not too short) becomes almost unbearable in its repetition & there's no way to pause the game, making it even more difficult to make any real advancement through the levels.

All in all, I think it's a decent little game, with alot of potential. But, for the aforementioned reasons, I find it lacks the ability to be played for prolonged periods of time, which is sometimes what a gamer is looking for in a game.

P.S. There are some odd, smudge-like blurs of color (mainly red), in fixed positions, within the visual frame of the game. At first, I thought something was wrong with my monitor. But, after exiting the game, then re-loading it, it proved to be in the game itself. This may add a further distraction for some.

Perfect game.

I loved every bit of this game Make a seqell with more power-ups. I got 8th all time.

That was fun

This has a lot of potential, I had fun playing it 2 or 3 times, I like the idea and the moving screens/levels, with a little better music (pick something in Audio Portal, or make a collab' if you want to make money with it) and more gameplay (like more bonuses, or why not upgrades?) it would be awesome.

(Also, you should place the HUD a little lower, it sometimes remove the level exit from sight.)

Still I rated it 5 stars, this is a nice entry.

Fancy effects, but repetetive gameplay.

Let's begin ..
The good things;
Graphics(Including animations and effects); The effects are made rather interesting and in a large variety of colours, though they're mostly falling blocks with a trail behind them, it's quite amusing to watch it. Simple, but effective.
The animations are not that much, but are well animated , mostly the falling box you are controling, not that much .

Difficulty; In the begin , it is quite simple, but becomes harder and harder every level, the thing that bothers me is that you become disoriented because of all the falling blocks and everything moving, making it hard to decently concentrate on where you are going.

The bad things;

Gameplay(Including replayability and interactivity); The gameplay is boring and repetetive, there are no variety of levels, at all .
Replayability is nearly nothing, it's doing the same thing over and over again without anything new happening. That includes the interactivity.

Soundtrack; The soundtrack loops over and over again, which becomes boring to listen to, good thing is that you included a mute button .

My conclussion: While the effects are made well, the gameplay mechanism is nothing new or interesting.

I like it

While not a thrilling, highly-complex puzzler, the basic premise of directing a object to a target was very much enhanced by the stage moving, essentially forcing the player to think differently.
Its not ground-breaking, and its not amazing, but its a good solid game.

I would suggest, however, an instruction screen at the beginning, just a quick this is a power-up, this is an obstacle, this is where you need to go. Those obstacles look like platforms at first and I thought that I could bounce off of them, so I lost a life there.

Everything else is just appearance, and while graphics are important, this game doesn't really need them to become a better game.

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4.18 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2009
8:13 AM EDT