The Carbonwater Show ep.5

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The show returns, bigger and badder then ever.

Now with improved graphics, animation, and for the first time ever, actual real voices.

Edit: Holy frontpage Batman.


it was aight

i likes the "it never gets dark!.... ever...." joke lolo

and i for one thing that on occasion the micro soft sam voice is funny. mayby for liek 1 character but if its constantly everyone sounding like microsoft sam its freakin annoying.

Uhhmm... yeaaah

Guy below me, total stalker creep, don't listen to his babble. Artists evolve and change over time, making their style of drawing more to their liking. So in reality, if you were a 'true fan' as you claim to be, you would support the evolution of the series.

Good stuff, much more situational humor rather than random humor, a definate upgrade.

I'm highly dissapointed Carbonwater...

I'm a HUGE fan of yours, I practically jizzed my pants when I saw a new episode of The Carbonwater show. This does not measure up to the other Carbonwater episodes... by far! It's not the legnth that displeased me. What made the whole series was its lousy animation and Microsoft Sam voices with fast paced two-frame mouth animation! Can't say the voice-acting was all that good... and there was barely anything funny compared to your other works. I don't care that it has a higher score! People who say that your a lazy animator or Microsoft Sam voices ruin the flash are too stupid to realize that it is your style that which you go by! Please don't ruin it for your true fans, such as myself, in order to please others who don't care weather you get a high score or not. Please! I'm counting on you to make future episodes better than this! =(

Carbonwater responds:

I'm always trying to improve the quality of my animations, I like to challenge myself to keep everything fresh and new.

If I kept on doing the same thing I would have quit making flash long ago.


Same for many others.. The microsoft Sam or whatever completely ruined it.


I like funny fun! And uh....Dorad....you are racist. Bye!!!

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Aug 26, 2009
7:50 AM EDT
Comedy - Original