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Metroid Suicide part 4

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Hey everyone... it's finally done! It doesn't have everything I wanted it to have, but it's good enough, I hope. I'm trying out the whole "easter egg" thing that so many people like to put in their flashes so get a hunt'n. But enough typing. Enjoy Metroid fans!

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I admit to not seeing the other entries. This one just had the highest score. I wish I had heard of these little guys before! They seem quite powerful. Well, I've never really played "Metroid". I thought Samus was showing us the opening credits at first. Well, there was already a title screen.

Loved the Mickey Mouse cameo. First time I heard the Metroids talk. There were no suicides in this. You ended on a poop joke. How classy.

I lol'd so hard at the end^^

So........Any conclusion to this thing in the near future? Come on man I waited long enough for you to get past Part 2 hell I didn't even know Part 3 and this one existed until I decided to relive old memories.

Even the missile knows to fear the game breaking instant kill beam...

Was the sound byte of "Your time has expired" taken from Alpha Centauri!?!?
Awesome job on the flash, very funny and entertaining