MM Jesus Rangers

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Just trying to submit a video, it's actual title is Mighty Morphin Jesus Rangers. It's suppose to be a "christianized" knock-off of power rangers, I'm making fun of the whole seeking to be cuturally relevant stuff prevalent among american churches today, of course most of you won't give a crap either way. As for the preacher guys I recommend at the end, if you disagree with my recommendations, that's your opinion. I may do a better version of this in future. Oh yeah, yes I'm a Christian, actually became one sometime after I got an account on this site, lyingly professed to be one before hand. Yes, i replaced the video and I did this on xtranormal months ago.



aboslutely horrible stolen video and audio that is used on a demo and its nothing but text to speech. wasn' even remotely funny. go away...

bmcoyne2007 responds:

this hsppens to be a video from my youtube and xtranormal accounts.

more a plug than a flash..

first of all it's more of a suggestion and should be stated as such, you are nether the teacher or the master. I had a sence it was nothing more than a plug and my hunch was right the fash was kinda odd anyway, but such content should be universal ,not all religous based cartoons are based on the teachings some just give you the meanings.

Just a few words...

"Moyea demo".
SAM-type voices.
Not really Flash.
Non-sensical character design.

Fix those things and it may have been pretty amusing. Otherwise it just looks like you used stock demo-figures and a voice-generator to skirt around actually having to do much work.

bmcoyne2007 responds:

The Moyea Demo thing can be fixed, other than that, I used XTRANORMAL. I don't really have a program on my computer that allows me to make flash animations like the ones seen on this site, I use Windows Vista if you happen to know of any programs/software. Oh, 1.5 is NOT the fixed version, that will have to wait til about midnite.

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Aug 25, 2009
3:27 AM EDT